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article imageOp-Ed: Why does Obama like Australia's Gun Laws?

By Michael Squires     Aug 15, 2015 in Politics
Every day licensed law-abiding sport shooters in Australia are vilified and discriminated against. Has Australia implemented something more sinister than laws to protect its citizens? Does Obama have bigger plans?
As many people might know, in 1996 a man with a very low IQ supposedly opened fire on tourists and locals in the small sleepy town of Port Arthur in the picturesque Australian state of Tasmania. ( I say supposedly as the man never went to trial, but that is another story)
The result saw 35 dead, 23 wounded, and a country go into shock. Mass shootings were never part of Australia's culture.
The Prime Minister of the time, John Howard saw the golden opportunity to win more votes by tapping into the revulsion to this massacre.
The result was the National Firearms Agreement (NFA).
The NFA, in brief, produced gun buybacks, background checks, limits on magazine capacity, removing semi-automatic from the average licensed shooter, and tons of red tape to discourage the legal possession of firearms.
That was just the start.
Since then we have seen preconceptions, judgmental opinions and stereotyping once again evolve in Australian society:
1. Licensed sport shooters who are so heavily vetted by the police and other agencies that the average Shooter can't risk being issued a ticket for jaywalking or speeding in case they are deemed " irresponsible" and hence "unfit" to hold a shooters licence. Hell, licensed law-abiding Shooters in Australia are so squeaky clean that they may border on being boring.
2. A new demographic, "The Shooter "who each day faces vilification in the press as "freaks," prejudice in job applications, ("Can't have a gunman working here") and outright discrimination in society ("don't invite them, they're gun people.")
In many ways, sport shooters suffer the same dilemma that the LGBT community have had to deal with for decades: "Shall I come out and say I'm a shooter?"
Many of my shooter comrades who are professionals in medicine, the arts, science and building trades, worry about what their judgmental clients would think. Heaven help them if the shooter is also LGBT!
I can see it now, "he'll shoot me while filling my cavity" or "oh no, if I don't like his fees, he'll shoot me."
But let's get back to Obama, does he see Australia as a model for what he calls "gun control," or does he see one hell of an opportunity to implement more "people control"?
In an interview with comedian Marc Maron, President Obama cited Australia's gun laws as an example the United States should follow. Australia established strict gun control in response to a massacre in Tasmania that left 35 people dead in 1996. Since then, Australia hasn't witnessed any mass shootings.
"It was just so shocking the entire country said, ‘Well, we’re going to completely change our gun laws’, and they did. And it hasn’t happened since," Obama said, discussing the shooting deaths of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston last week.
Sounds good, doesn't it?
For a country who spies as much on their citizens as Mr Snowden has revealed, it would be a small leap of faith for Obama to implement more surveillance and interference in people's lives to know how many guns a person has, where they are stored , how much ammunition they have purchased, no semi automatics hidden under grandma's bed, what they intend to use the guns for, making sure they belong to a gun club before being allowed to buy a gun, and a wrath of more red tape. Don't even think about trying to own a hand gun.
When it comes to the definition of "freedom" there are many versions. Australia's version differs to that of the average American.
I would say the Obama version of "gun control" is more sinister than the utopian Australian version which he likes to promote at every opportunity. Thank's Barack.
The Australian Gun Controls are sinister by design, and have been from the very beginning, with the intent of complete eradication of guns from the Australian public.
Be careful Americans.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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