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article imageOp-Ed: We the people knew about the Turkish election all along

By Erol Bozkurt     Nov 3, 2015 in Politics
Istanbul - In the recent Turkish election, the Justice and Development Party won by a landslide. As usual, only political analysts missed it. Average people knew the result of the coming election, because they had the same concerns and hopes for their country.
There is a phenomena called Rose Colored Glasses in philosophy: Seeing what you want to see and mistaking these hopes and dreams for reality. Last Sunday, in the Turkish general election, the majority of the voters gave a helping hand to those who had this problem.
How can one see this as a surprising twist? When a country is threatened by the forces inside and outside, its people can do only one thing, provided that they haven't chosen to run away from the problem. They get together and face the music. Because of this, average people knew it all along and had a hard time understanding why some people never get it: the party that projected optimism, stability and capability would win. The party that displayed a desirable moral stance on the current issues and handled them gracefully in the last four months would win.
Story Behind the Victory: Part 1
Also, there is the issue of interpreting the "message" of the voters which is a very popular topic for talk shows in Turkey. Nobody seems to know what the voters meant, but the conversations never end. Some of these talk shows last more than four hours!
In other countries, the combination of the votes may create a valuable hidden message that could be deciphered by the politicians. However, here in Turkey, we are mainly binary people. That's why we are good at maths and computer sciences. We either say "Yes" or "No." "Maybe" is unintelligible to most of us. Perhaps, when we say "no," it may be difficult to understand, because of our politeness. However, as in this case, when we say "yes", it is so obvious that it is undeniable. Perhaps, it's just human nature. We may very easily be molded into any shape depending on what we are exposed to. However, when we are backed into a corner, we usually stand up for ourselves and say the same thing: "Is this all you've got?"
For the details of the election results, you may want to check out the election page of a local newspaper (English): Yeni Safak.
Story Behind the Victory: Part 2
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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