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article imageOp-Ed: Waterboarding is how Sarah Palin would baptize terrorists

By Scott Tuttle     Apr 29, 2014 in Politics
Indianapolis - Never one to shy away from controversial one-liners, Sarah Palin made her latest gaffe at the 2014 National Rifle Association's Stand and Fight rally at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Saturday.
"If I were in charge, [our enemies] would know that waterboarding is how we'd baptize terrorists," said the 50-year-old former Alaskan governor before a cheering crowd.
Palin, who referred many times during her 12-minute speech to a bracelet she was wearing that read "Don't Tread On Me," once also said she would be open to leaving the Republican Party and starting the Freedom Party. Suffice it to say, she deems freedom as a central part of her ideology and made many allusions to it as she vented about the “clownish little kumbaya-humming, fairytale-inhaling liberals,” also calling them “intolerant, anti-freedom, leftists" at one point.
As much as the ex-governor talks about freedom, her comment about waterboarding, which she later told MSNBC she would "absolutely" make again, may leave a more ideologically consistent thinker cross-eyed as waterboarding arguably violates a number of freedoms granted by the Constitution and by the "Founding Fathers" of whom she so fondly, and often dogmatically, refers. These parts of the Constitution prevent the government from having certain powers, and protect not only U.S. citizens, but, to some extent, people on U.S. soil from the cruel hand of tyranny.
The fifth, eight, and fourteenth amendments of the Constitution were designed to protect people from government torture and unjust punishment. What is waterboarding if not torture? To those who argue that it is only used on terrorists, one might ask exactly how a terrorist is defined and who decides what constitutes a terrorist. When a "freedom lover" hears that, in fact, the government decides who is a terrorist and who could thus be tortured justifiably, it should make them cringe. Freedom is definitely in danger under these circumstances.
Whether you want to talk about the Constitution, the U.N. Human Rights Treaty, or just simple freedom, the point is that by allowing the government to waterboard we are giving them a great deal of power that could be abused. Someone who truly believes in the principles Palin claims to embrace should be wary of this.
Thus, not all of those who oppose waterboarding are the "Kumbaya-humming" liberals Palin brought up, but many are in fact wearers of the same "Don't Tread On Me" bracelet of which Palin herself boasted.
To those who truly support freedom, Sarah Palin makes for a poor poster child. Though the second amendment, which was the main theme of her speech, certainly has its place in the freedom debate, it is not the only issue at stake and support of gun rights does not give you an automatic pass to crown yourself the spokesperson for freedom or to call all of your opponents "anti-freedom."
Some freedom lovers would even prefer a few gun restrictions over the government having the unprecedented power to declare whoever it wants a terrorist, imprison indefinitely, and even torture.
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