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article imageOp-Ed: US buildup and claimed imminent threat from Iran worry many

By Ken Hanly     May 17, 2019 in Politics
There is much discussion in the news about the US sending more forces to the Middle East to counter some unspecified threat to the US from Iran. This is escalating tensions between the two countries and war could potentially break out.
Little information about Iranian threat provided to the public
The Iranian threat is said to be a cause for alarm among many US lawmakers and top Washington officials. There is a wish among officials and everyone else for more information rather than idle speculation.
A few US Congress leaders have been given classified briefing
A recent AP article reports: "Congressional leaders received a classified briefing on Iran from the White House Thursday following criticism that lawmakers have been kept out of the loop about recent military moves in the Middle East. Members of the so-called Gang of Eight were tight-lipped as they left the briefing. The ranking member of the Senate intelligence committee, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, refused to comment on the classified information discussed, but said more lawmakers should be informed of the Iran threat.“I think obviously there are certain protections that have to be maintained for Gang of Eight but it’s very important that more members hear this story.""
There is to be a second classified briefing for the entire House and Senate planned for next week. Perhaps more information will lead from that.
Many concerned threats could lead to war with Iran
Representative Thornberry a Texas Republican said after the briefing that he is convinced of the threat from the briefing and that their is cause for greater concern that Americans might be targeted by Iran. However, other US Congress members are comparing what is happening to what the US did prior to the US 2003 invasion of Iraq. They are pushing for more information about what the US is doing and why.
Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker noted that Congress has never authorized a war against Iran. However, President Trump insists that he has all the authority he needs as Commander in Chief to order operations against Iran unilaterally.
It is ironic that the US considers Iran a threat to its forces in Iraq and elsewhere near Iran but the mainstream press never or hardly even seems to suggest that US forces and bases in such close proximity to Iran are an obvious threat to Iran. Imagine the US reaction if Iran had military bases, and naval forces in Cuba or Mexico. The US threatened war when the USSR tried to put missiles in Cuba.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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