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article imageOp-Ed: Turkey approves attacking ISIS

By Robert Weller     Oct 2, 2014 in Politics
Ankara - The Turkish parliament approved attacking ISIS terrorists in a vote Thursday night. It was unclear when tanks would begin rolling but it was only a few miles to the city of Kobani, surrounded by jihadists who had already decapitated ten people.
The Turkish parliament had been expected to approve a request from President Recept Tayyip Erdogan in the statement, released on Oct. 2. A vote was expected Thursday night.
There could be many deaths if no action is taken immediately. Thousands of Kobani residents have fled to Turkey.
Kurds are pleading with Erdogan to rush to the aid of the Kurds, less than ten miles away across the frontier.
The motion being considered would allow foreign soldiers to be based in Turkey, and for foreign jets to be used against ISIS.
Ankara has been reluctant to enter the conflicts in neighboring Syria and Iraq largely because it did not want to arm the Kurds caught in the area because they might turn against Turkey in their struggle for independence.
Now, they are being begged to come to the aid of the Kurds.
The jailed leader of the Outlawed Kurdish Workers Party on Wednesday pleaded for help for the hundreds of thousands of Kurds in Kobani.
"If this massacre attempt achieves its goal it will end the process," Abdullah Öcalan said in a statement Wednesday.
"I urge everyone in Turkey who does not want the process and the democracy voyage to collapse to take responsibility in Kobani," he added.
Turkey, which blocked Kurd fighters from rushing to the aid of Kobane, and barred warplanes from the American base of Incirlik from launching strikes, now is under pressure to act. There were unconfirmed reports that jets based in Turkey had bombed ISIS perimeters around Kobane.
It is crucial for the U.S. and NATO find boots to put on the ground. Commanders agree that jet attacks won’t stop ISIS. Despite some calls for U.S. intervention in Iraq in the Congress, the country has no stomach for it. The question is asked what can be done now that wasn’t done during the 10 years hundreds of thousands of Western troops were on the ground.
NATO announced Wednesday that it would defend Turkey if any action Ankara took in Iraq or Syria resulted in attacks on its sovereignty.
Iran may be willing to support intervention also.
The brutality of ISIS has strengthened support for the air strikes President Barack Obama has ordered in Iraq and Syria. At least four Westerners have been beheaded, and there were more decapitations of Kurds in Kobani on Wednesday.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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