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article imageOp-Ed: Trump throws tantrum over 'Death Valley TV time-slot'

By Karen Graham     Jan 24, 2020 in Politics
President Donald Trump has spent months complaining about the impeachment process against him. In a tantrum today, he angrily lamented the fact his lawyers were stuck with starting his defense on Saturday - a crappy time slot for TV viewer numbers.
“After having been treated unbelievably unfairly in the House, and then having to endure hour after hour of lies, fraud & deception by Shifty Schiff, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer & their crew, looks like my lawyers will be forced to start on Saturday, which is called Death Valley in T.V.,” the president wrote on Twitter.
Politico says that besides complaining about the date the GOP-dominated Senate set for his defense team to give their arguments, Trump also found the time to fire off a bucket full of impeachment tweets - all related to messages from other GOP stalwarts in his corner, although it is hard to say what those tweets were meant to do.
Actually, it is unclear who Trump is mad at, nor does it really matter. After all, his defense team will get their three days of public time to present their defense of the president, though it is doubtful the outcome will be much different from what the Senate jury has already decided.
Trump even went so far as to quote Joe Biden who said the president would "be stronger and harder to beat" if he survives impeachment. "Even Joe agrees with us!" Trump boasted.
President Donald J. Trump
But Trump is only interested in having a "mind-blowing" media-minded show - put on to sway the public in his favor. For this, he has chosen a conservative and somewhat boring team of lawyers headed up by White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow.
After watching their opening statements the other day, I decided they had as much personality as a wet mop. And seeing as the Republican-controlled Senate is expected to quickly acquit Trump, it is questionable if his defense team will even take three days to set up his side of the story.
I heard on television this morning that Trump's lawyers are going to be presenting numerous video clips, but I don't know that this will help his case. I guess people will be enthralled over reruns of Trump's lambasting, denigrating and otherwise belittling his opponents.
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