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article imageOp-Ed: Trump really doesn't care that more people may die from COVID-19

By Karen Graham     Nov 16, 2020 in Politics
President-elect Joe Biden said on Monday that “more people may die” from the coronavirus if the Trump administration doesn’t begin coordinating with his team on plans to vaccinate more than 300 million Americans against the virus.
I don't believe any other president in the history of this nation has created as much chaos, nor kept the attention of the American public as President Donald Trump over his term in office. His need to be the center of attention is probably more important now than it was when he was so sure he would win a second term.
And The Donald is not going to "go gently into that good night" where ex-presidents are supposed to go. Not being at the top of the "Fake News" feed is more than he can handle, so he spends hours on end tweeting the same thing over, and over again: "The election was rigged," or his latest tweet today that said, "I won."
But as Jake Shafer, writing for Politico says, we shouldn't worry about the "thin squealing you hear wafting from the White House. It’s just the sound of the last thousand cubic meters of gas escaping the rapidly deflating Trump presidency."
The thing is this - Trump is now a has-been and a "Lame Duck" president, something He probably sees as offensive. And his future political ambitions will more than likely not pan out once he is away from "the swamp," as he calls it.
US President-elect Joe Biden has criticized outgoing President Donald Trump for refusing to coordina...
US President-elect Joe Biden has criticized outgoing President Donald Trump for refusing to coordinate with his transition team on addressing the coronavirus pandemic
Where the real hurt lies
This country really has to move on. Tomorrow will mark two weeks since we went to the polls, and more Americans voted in the 2020 election than in any other in more than 100 years. Nearly 65 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot. The public has spoken, enough said.
President-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamaka Harris have a tough row to hoe transitioning their new administration into the White House, and while they have done an admirable job under extraordinary circumstances, it is time that Trump backs off his refusal to concede the election and his refusal to allow the transition to take place.
Trump's refusal to work with the new administration will not hurt him or his family. But without his say, Trump is jeopardizing the lives of millions of people and creating a national security risk that will also end up putting this country in danger. But by his actions, I don't believe Trump cares one iota what happens to the people of this nation.
We now have two coronavirus vaccines that are both 90 to 95 percent effective in stopping the virus, and there is a need for over 600 million vials of the vaccine because everyone will need two shots. The logistics in transporting, supplying and giving the injections requires a tremendous amount of work.
“If we have to wait until Jan. 20 to start that planning, it puts us behind, over a month and a half,” Biden said during a press briefing on Monday, per CNBC News. “And so, it’s important that it be done, that there be coordination now.”
Moderna has joined Pfizer announcing solid progress in Covid-19 vaccine tests
Moderna has joined Pfizer announcing solid progress in Covid-19 vaccine tests
“More people may die if we don’t coordinate,” Biden told reporters on Monday. “How do we get over 300 million Americans vaccinated? What’s the game plan? It’s a huge, huge, huge undertaking.”
Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar told CNBC on Monday that between them, Moderna and Pfizer will have close to 40 million doses of vaccine available by the end of this year, enough to inoculate about 20 million people since both vaccines require two shots.
So again, who will be hurt the most by Trump's stonewalling? You, me, our families and friends, and the over 11 million people who have contracted the virus and the families of the over 147,000 people who have died so far. And as Joe Biden said today, Trump’s refusal to concede in the presidential race is “more embarrassing for the country than debilitating for my ability to get started.”
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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