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article imageOp-Ed: Trump jumps right into the middle of Super Bowl LIV via Twitter

By Karen Graham     Feb 2, 2020 in Politics
Ah well, if anyone thought Super Bowl Sunday would occur without any political overtones, they were wrong. That is one of the nonsensical prop bets even I would have won, thanks to President Donald Trump and his Twitter account.
Trump advertised his pre-taped Super Bowl Interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, which aired on Fox hours before sports’ biggest night of the year. The only thing wrong with that is he didn't actually talk about the Super Bowl.
But with prompting by Hannity, those watching got an earful of the same trash-talk Trump is famous for putting out there, all of it directed to the Democrats, and that is sad. Trump is working hard at keeping this country divided, and I wonder sometimes if he even has time to rule, between Twitter storms and playing golf.
Now personally, I have never bet on the Super Bowl - even the often silly bets that are set up in offices or with friends and family. You know the kind of bets I mean - Like who will score the first touchdown or what color Gatorade will the winning head coach be drenched in?
The New York Daily News has a few more suggestions for losing your money quickly with prop bets.
Will Andy Reid Coach The Super Bowl In A Hawaiian Shirt? I have no inside information on this one, but he could. After all, it is warm in Miami and the Chiefs, all of them, did wear Hawaiian shirts on the plane down to Florida, so I heard.
Will A Fan Run Onto The Field During The Game? If anyone does run onto the field, they better wait until halftime. I wouldn't want to come up against a defensive lineman. And besides, unless you have a particular reason for being arrested, it just isn't worth the risk.
Total Donald Trump Tweets On February 2 Now, you notice the bet says "on February 2." not just during the Super Bowl. This looks to be the most talked-about bet of them all. Trump is addicted to Twitter and just can't leave his smartphone alone for even a minute.
You can bet Trump will do one of two things - Either Tweet a congratulatory message to the winning team, or regale us with some more claims on how he is the most persecuted president in U.S. History.
About the only thing the president is expected to do this afternoon, according to the Associated Press, is host a Super Bowl watch party.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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