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article imageOp-Ed: The silent majority becomes the loud-mouthed

By Robert Weller     Nov 8, 2014 in Politics
Denver - What Richard Nixon wouldn’t have given for an outcome like this? Record numbers of voters stayed home, and the silent becomes the loud-mouthed majority.
What Richard Nixon wouldn’t have given for an outcome like this? Record numbers of voters stayed home, and the silent becomes the loud-mouthed majority.
Now we find out that Robin Williams had no weed in his system but plenty of the unproven anti-depressants America has embraced.
With the possibility that the Supreme Court may invalidate thousands of same-sex marriages, and throw out Obamacare, the government might want to consider making marijuana available on every street corner.
And there could be a drone in every backyard. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m all for killing terrorists with drones, as Key and Peele’s Obama Anger Translator argues to defend him from fellow Democrats.
Yet ahead of us, barring a dramatic change that cannot come for two years, an election turnout that was the lowest since World War 2, slightly more than a third, means the wealthy have used the Supreme Court to buy an election. Not only were there effectively no limits on campaign spending, the Republicans used Nixonian “dirty tricks” to keep thousands of minority members and young people from voting.
Certainly, there is no doubt President Barack Obama was hated by many of those who did vote. It was the only thing many of them seem to have in common. The improving economy and virtual end of foreign wars ruled them out as issues.
Obama was held responsible for gridlock in Washington. The Republicans who openly, and proudly, blocked everything he tried to do, were not held responsible.
Some Democrats were hopeful Republicans will actually try to do something, guaranteeing Hillary Clinton will be the first woman president.
Perhaps we will know more when Punxsutawney Phil pokes his head out on Feb. 2. If he see his shadow there will be more trouble, if he doesn’t see his shadow there will be more trouble.
On Saturday, right-wing tweeters weren’t crediting Obama for the release of two Americans by North Korea. They said it was because Kim Jung-un feared the GOP. Expect Russian President Putin to pull his tanks out of the Ukraine.
The economy may continue to expand, and there may be more and more “hiring signs” in front of stores.
Historians might argue that with a big turnout in 2016, as often happens after mid-term political changes, the pundits can play tapes of Nov. 4 backwards, like the Beatles “Revolution No. 9.”
For those who disdain the views of Andy Borowitz, who wrote in the New Yorker that the voting means “this country has a lot of dumb fucks in it,” he has been proven right before.
Just today he predicted a convention of Navy Seals who shot Osama Bin Laden will meet in San Diego.
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