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article imageOp-Ed: The case against reproductive rights no one is talking about

By Ben Morris     Jul 2, 2014 in Politics
Howe - While progressives lose their minds over the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision, a real attack on reproductive rights is happening in Indiana, and no one is talking about it.
The Hobby Lobby decision has liberals up in arms. They believe the decision by the Supreme Court means a business deciding not to cover four of the 20 contraceptives covered by Obamacare, allows for a business owner to strap chastity belts on his employees. That belief is rooted in fallacy. The ruling simply means those employees must purchase those four contraceptives out of pocket.
Progressives against the decision want to force employers to provide a service, using the state to strong-arm business owners into providing a service they do not want to give. That force is loved by liberals. They want to push individuals into a box where collective ideals are more important than individual needs or desires. It is a type of collectivism that bullies people into conformity, by crying hysterics, and speaking in apocalyptic prose.
If force is right, then progressives who screamed murder after the ruling should applaud what is happening in Indiana, even though the implication of a law is a true affront to reproductive freedom.
On March 31st, Ireena Keeslar of Howe, Indiana was arrested and charged with the heinous crime of practicing midwifery.
Keeslar, a former nurse decided to fulfill a need, in which she was qualified to provide. Midwifery is a legitimate career in which dozens of universities and colleges in America provide majors for. They aren't people off the street who decide to help with childbirth, they are often former nurses who decide on a different career paths, or they come from different paths of life and move their way up from support roles. Midwives perform tasks like gynaecological examinations, as well as providing support before, during, and after labor. Depending on regulations in a given state or country, midwives can also write prescriptions. Midwives are a great support system for women need guidance throughout a pregnancy. Yet, the practice is often demeaned, and is illegal in states like Indiana.
The illegality of midwifery can be traced straight down the money trail. Giving birth at a hospital under the care of a physician can cost a family anywhere from $6,000 to more than $20,000 depending on the type of birth and any complications. Midwives reduce the unnecessary costs. Infant mortality rates at birth are roughly the same between home births and hospital births in cases of low-risk pregnancy, so it doesn't take a mathematician to figure out what the objection is about. In cases of difficult pregnancies, midwives consult with physicians, and can even perform their duties inside a hospital where physicians are readily available.
Keesler has assisted in more than 1,700 births, only 400 of which took place inside a mother's home. You do not reach that number without being skilled in your job. Yet, the state of Indiana is acting like she is a black market practitioner who has no idea what she is doing.
The practice of midwifery has been going on for centuries. Ancient cultures didn't have women give birth at a hospitals, the practice only became rare after the 30s when doctors pushed midwives out by taking birthing outside the home, and inside the hospital.
The criminality of midwifery is an obvious attack on female reproductive rights. The ban makes the decision of where or how to give birth of a child up to the state. There is no real choice for a woman who feels more comfortable giving birth at home, or would rather saved a few thousand by hiring a mid wife.
If progressives are so concerned with reproductive rights, they should be screaming form rooftops to get midwifery legal throughout the United States. The Hobby Lobby case is not preventing women from receiving birth control, the ban on midwifery is preventing women from choosing birth options. That is the real issue women in America should be standing against. The state should have no right to tell a woman where to have a child, or who should assist in the birth of the child, and the state has no right to force anyone to provide a service. Restricting birth options is a matter of force being pushed onto women who are stripped of their right to give birth as they wish.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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