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Op-Ed: Supreme Court may have to rule on same-sex marriage

By Robert Weller     Nov 6, 2014 in Politics
Cincinnati - If the U.S. Supreme Court was hoping to avoid making a decision on same-sex marriages everything changed Thursday. After dozens of courts at different levels approved the practice, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals voted to ban it.
A Missouri judge overturned the state’s gay marriage prohibition Wednesday, making it legal in more than 30 states.
The Ohio decision only applies to gay marriages in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee but it broke the unanimous approval of istrict and U.S. circuit of appeals from California to the East Coast.
And don’t expect the victorious Republican party to spend any of its landslide opposing denying gays the rights everyone else has, especially with polls supporting allowing them to marry.
Perhaps now the nation will find out whether the justices think gay people have just as much right to be married as straights.
Having held off on deciding the question, except for a handful of refusals to get involved that amounted to accepting it, the Supreme Court now finds itself in a position where thousands of same-sex marriages could be declared invalid.
The Ohio decision could be appealed to the entire regional court of more thann 20 judges en banc, which could overturn the 2-1 vote.
The wailing would be heard all the way to Jerusalem, even if the justices wear Bose headphones.
The court has ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act passed by Congress in 2013.
“The legacies of Judges Deborah Cook and Jeffrey Sutton will forever be cemented on the wrong side of history," said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin in a statement. "Today the Sixth Circuit stood in the way of a path constructed by two dozen federal court rulings over the last year — a path that inevitably leads to nationwide marriage equality. Gay and lesbian couples in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee are just as deserving of marriage equality as the rest of America.
"Now, more than ever before, the Supreme Court of the United States must take up the issue and decide once and for all whether the Constitution allows for such blatant discrimination," continued Griffin. "We believe that justice and equality will prevail."
Freedom to Marry President Evan Wolfson said: “Today’s ruling is completely out of step with the Supreme Court's clear signal last month, out of step with the constitutional command as recognized by nearly every state and federal court in the past year, and out of step with the majority of the American people.”
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