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article imageOp-Ed: Snowden is the definition of a patriot

By Ben Morris     Jun 4, 2014 in Politics
The opinion of Edward Snowden is wide ranging. Some call him a traitor, others call him a patriot. The truth sits firmly in the latter. Edward Snowden is a red, white and blue patriot whose act of civil disobedience came at a price everyone should revere.
H.L Mencken once wrote, “The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.”
That in essence is Edward Snowden, he saw a country he loved, being exploited, and destroyed by a government who gleefully violated the constitution of the United States. Steering a narrative of fear, driven by 9/11, both the Bush, and Obama administrations violated the core beliefs of the country, in order to control every single American.
As a contractor for the NSA, Snowden saw the agency force Verizon to hand over the metadata of their customers to the NSA, and FBI.. The NSA has broken into computers to infect PC's with malware, allowing the NSA to view every page you visit, and every keystroke you make. The NSA has seen you naked, and knows who you communicate with. Yet, the people who call Snowden a traitor defend these actions. Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, they believe leaking this information is an act of treason. They tell each other, "Our government is protecting us," completely brainwashed into thinking their government can do know wrong.
The NSA collects millions of personal emails that pertain to correspondence with friends, business transactions, and sensitive information you do not want strangers to know about. They are allowed to access this information with the approval of a secret court, and the acceptance of a corrupted oversight committee that is derelict in duty. The government has no right to know every movement you make, or every conversation you have, through every electronic device you own. The very thought of your government storing naked selfies you took for your husband who was on a business trip, should send a chill down your spine. The person who revealed those actions should be applauded for what he risked for his fellow countrymen.
By releasing this information to the public, through real journalists like Laura Poitras, and Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden sacrificed a heavenly life in Hawaii, with a beautiful girlfriend, and a six figure salary in order to make Americans aware that their government is treating them like criminals.Yet, many still insist Snowden is a traitor in the mold of Benedict Arnold. Snowden haters label him so because he did not take his concerns to Congress, or stayed at home to face trial in the U.S.
Zachary Keck, of the Democrat made those suggestions ignoring the fact Snowden went to his superiors numerous times with his concerns to only be dismissed. If Snowden did not escape from the U.S he would have faced the same punishment that Chelsea Manning received. Snowden would have been silenced, and tortured, in solitary confinement without the right to talk to a lawyer, or family. Yet statist apologists like Keck ignore those facts to demean a man who showed America how corrupt, and despotic their government is.
What has now occurred in America is an attack on the very things that made America a great country, the freedom of speech, the freedom of protest, and the right to be secure in your person. All of those sacred rights have been destroyed in the name of "security." When John Boehner claims Snowden put Americans in danger, he showed complete idiocy, and naivity. The NSA is not protecting Americans from Al Qaeda when they monitor how long you talked to your mom. They are not preventing an attack when they store the your selfies. 9/11 has been used for political capital, by heartless immoral politicians who take tragedy and use the dead to win elections.
The war on terror has given America a country that is griped in fear, and rife with corruption. Un-prosecuted war criminal Dick Cheney has sided with the fools by pronouncing, Snowden should be returned, to face “the justice he deserves.” This is a man who supported torture, and the detainment of Americans without trial. Cheney was a major player in the decline of American freedom, and acts as a cheerleader for the very actions, and policies any moral American is against.
Snowden did not leak the documents at the behest of Russia. The human rights abuses of the Kremlin are obvious, but Snowden had nowhere else to go. The entire point of leaking the documents was not to get a job in Russia, Snowden did what he did to inform the American public of the abuses. He left the documents in the hand of journalists who have partnered with him to publish pertinent information that will not put Americans abroad at risk. The journalists who are publishing the documents are not revealing the identity of spies, troop movements, or nuclear codes. The documents tell a story of a policy that sees George Orwell's 1984 as a template, not a novel. Americans who have done no wrong have had their privacy viciously violated. Yet the man that exposed all of this has been vilified by citizens who view their government as their holy savior who can do no wrong, even as their natural rights are being ripped apart.
The people who detest Snowden are the very same people who would have marched for Hitler in Nazi Germany. Whatever their government tells them, they believe, whatever propaganda is spewed, they chug down the Kool-Aid. In those minds their government has the moral authority to do as they please. in the mind of the statist, a corrupt, immoral government is a just government.
Snowden may have committed a crime by stealing documents that he did not own, but he provided a great service to a country who has let their government take too much power. Americans are being stepped on by a giant known as big tyrannical government, who have a giant thirst for power.
As Glenn Greenwald noted in his new book, No Place To Hide, "Privacy is the core condition of being a free person." Knowing you are being recorded causes self censorship. Knowing you are being watched makes you bite your tongue when having conversations on line, or on the phone. Every dictatorship in history has restricted speech, as a means to control the population. What Snowden showed was a march towards tyranny that aims at silencing dissent.
With the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, and the violent crackdown of Occupy Wall Street, the NSA revelations paint a dark, scary portrait of a country that is being drastically altered. Without supporting Snowden, and demanding a complete change in how their government views the constitution, Red China will drop into the heart of America.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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