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article imageOp-Ed: Russia lost the last Crimean War

By Robert Weller     Mar 4, 2014 in Politics
Moscow - The last time the Russians sought to annex territory in the Crimea area they were thrashed by alliance of Britain, France and the "sick man of Europe," the Ottoman Empire.
Ukraine is considered to be nothing more than a speed bump to President Putin's military. If Kiev tries to stop Moscow, would it be another "Charge of the Light Brigade."
Alfred, Lord Tennyson immortalized that doomed charge, but it was a Pyrrhic victory for the Tzar. He won the battle but lost the war. It was also famous for the birth of modern nursing, thanks to Florence Nightingale and others.
The Soviet record in the Crimea during World War 2 was not much more distinguished. They had great difficulty driving Germany out, and in the process Stalin exiled hundreds of thousands of Muslim Tartars. They have trickled back to the Ukraine in the years since and are no friend of Moscow.
Turkey is no longer a military joke, and is a member of NATO. Russia had to flee Afghanistan. They couldn't defeat Islamic fundamentalists based in caves. Those wounds are still fresh. Chernobyl is remembered.
How much stronger than Ukraine is Russia. The New Republic said, “Russia is best at fighting enemies within. Already there are numerous calls to identify those Russians who oppose the invasion — “the fifth column” — as pro-Kremlin bloggers label anti-war protesters. Their photos are passed around on Twitter, information on these people is exchanged — names, phones, sometimes addresses; threats are made. … A country as great as Russia can’t afford to have people who oppose its “reclaiming” of another state’s territory. … In their minds, only a crazy proxy of American Imperialism can say that it doesn’t benefit Russia to invade Ukraine.”
And the protests have begun. Thousands showed up in at least six cities, and more protests were planned for Wednesday, Ria Novosti reported.
Perhaps more important is the threat of Russia heading into bankruptcy again. Many analysts say the Berlin Wall fell because President Reagan spent so much on defense the Kremlin ran out of money trying to keep up with him.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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