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article imageOp-Ed: President Obama's use of executive orders in 2014

By Justin King     Jan 27, 2014 in Politics
Washington - President Obama will be leveling the threat of using executive orders to accomplish his goals in 2014 during the State of the Union address, a tactic some see as a bullying behavior. Other lawmakers welcome the idea. In truth, it doesn’t matter.
While the idea of President Obama usurping the representative government may be distasteful to Americans, the citizens need to accept the fact that their opinion is irrelevant. The President’s actions may be constitutionally deplorable, but it will be the same legislation that would be passed if a Republican was in office. Americans need to simply forget the grand show that plays out in Washington, DC because their input has long been pointless.
The citizenry has been entirely disenfranchised, and both parties are actually pursuing the very same legislative packages. The parties simply oppose each other to provide a semblance of a representative government. The nation is constantly battling over the same issues. Gay marriage, the right to bear arms, and abortion consistently dominate the news cycle and the political posturing of the parties.
The truly interesting thing about these issues is that they have all been decided by the Supreme Court. No amount of political grandstanding will change the outcomes of those issues. Even though the Court stopped short of finding a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, its decision in United States v. Windsor is being interpreted as enough to strike down laws banning the ceremony. American citizens have an individual right to keep and bear arms, separate from service in a militia. Abortion was settled in Roe v. Wade. Politicians claiming that they will alter the current state of affairs on these issues are simply lying.
While the citizens continue to debate dead issues, the government as a whole is pushing through bills or signing executive orders empowering itself and weakening the citizen. In the last election cycle, the Republican candidate for President signed a gun ban as Governor of Massachusetts and was instrumental in a state-level version of ObamaCare that was known as RomneyCare at the time. The current President campaigned on closing Guantanamo Bay in 2008. It is still open. In 2005, President Obama was firmly against the Patriot Act and the destruction of civil liberties. His current stance on NSA surveillance shows otherwise.
The fact is that government officials deceive the American public on a daily basis and only have their own interests at heart. If an American believes that things will get better after the current party is out of power and the party he or she supports is in power, that person hasn’t figured out the problem yet.
While the American people debate the merits of executive orders, their government is busy pushing through even more restrictive and secretive measures to stifle the little amount of political dissent they are allowed and continue to chip away at the rights protected by the Constitution. If the American people want to debate the constitutionality of an action, rather than focusing on the President’s executive orders, it might be better to focus on pushing back and regaining the rights they have lost.
Whether the President legislates with the tyrant’s stroke of a pen or those on Capitol Hill vote in favor of policies that benefit themselves, the outcome is the same. That outcome is that the citizen’s life, liberty, and property are being placed in jeopardy by the politicians that are bought and paid for by lobbyists.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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