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article imageOp-Ed: Pope leans on wall, spanked by paddle of hypocrisy

By Larry Clifton     Feb 19, 2016 in Politics
Vatican City - By attacking Donald Trump’s personal faith and condemning him for proposing to build a high border fence between the United States and Mexico to halt undocumented immigration into the U.S., Pope Francis has inserted himself into American politics.
However, by hitting Trump, the top Catholic clergymen only managed to destroy his own credibility and spank his Vatican administration with a paddle of hypocrisy. In his short religious reign, the Pope has erected his own social barriers while fortifying those long standing 40-foot-high stone and mortar Vatican walls built by his predecessors.
To that point let’s examine a few of the Pope’s impenetrable religious walls: for example, Francis says marriage between a man and woman is the icon of God's love. Regardless of one’s personal views, the Pope’s belief that marriage only pleases God when it’s between a man and woman is a barrier for gays. Can anyone hear the block mason calling for mortar?
Just last year, Pope Francis forcefully rejected the concept of allowing females into the priesthood of the Catholic Church, saying simply that his predecessor Pope John Paul II decided "that cannot be done." More specifically, women cannot be deacons, priests, or bishops which effectively excludes them from all higher levels of Church service and authority where ordination is a prerequisite. To date, given all of the Pope’s sway over the church, there have been no reports of glass ceilings being shattered on his watch. Shame on the pontiff for presiding over this bigoted international boys’ club. It’s incredible that he wants to play this political hand over walls at the American border when he folded his hand at the Vatican.
Meanwhile, the Pope has done little more than issue a couple of terse statements on the Vatican’s divorce policy. He could override his bishops and make sure a simple civil right like obtaining a divorce does not lead to excommunication; he has failed to do so. Another barrier, a wall that frankly affects women more than men, is that women who seek an abortion are automatically excommunicated from the church. Whether one is pro-life for pro-abortion, this clearly represents a barrier to many. Perhaps that first stone cast by the Pope at Donald Trump is actually a boomerang.
Pope Francis has discretely condoned and even fortified many more walls. One of those walls is the barrier erected to protect bishops and other clergy who molest children. As Pope, tearing down the walls of hushed relocations for these despicable predators of the church would gain Francis more credibility than being a papal political pundit on U.S. immigration law.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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