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article imageOp-Ed: Obama lacks strategy; Democrats lack political compass

By Larry Clifton     Sep 2, 2014 in Politics
Washington - From Estonia, Mr. Obama is expected to send yet another “stern message” to Russia over the crisis in Ukraine; let's hope he spent more time developing an east European strategy than he did on a strategy to contain ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
Potential red lines notwithstanding, his credibility will be greatly overshadowed by news that the Islamic State terrorists beheaded Steven J. Sotloff, the second American journalist savagely murdered by the Islamic extremists.
Last week, Republicans and Democrats roundly criticized the president after he publicly admitted that his administration lacked a strategy to deal with ISIS. A week later, reports have surfaced that the administration had received detailed daily briefings over the last year. Even before Mr. Obama stumbled on his lack of an ISIS strategy, Republicans and Democrats alike had sounded the alarm about a disengaged president.
If reports are accurate, the president received detailed briefings about the growth of ISIS in Syria and Iraq as it violently seized huge swaths of land and assets in both countries. Mr. Obama chose to ignore ISIS until it had occupied the second largest city in Iraq, Mosul, as well as major water reservoirs and military bases in the country's northern region.
Republicans, joined by an increasing number of Democrats, are calling for the administration to develop and identify a belated strategy to deal with ISIS. Instead, despite failing to secure the U.S. Southern border or pass immigration reform after six years, and a plethora of world-class conflicts brewing that involve the United States and its allies, the Obama administration spent Labor Day campaigning on minimum wage increases and today released a statement condemning Israel’s decision to appropriate West Bank land.
From Senate majority leader Harry Reid to presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, top Democrats are voicing their concerns over a seemingly disengaged administration with a battered agenda that often seems at odds with the American people, according to national polls.
With Middle East conflicts boiling over sovereign borders largely in the form of Islamic terrorism and Russia invading Ukraine, even the President's own advisers acknowledge that Mr. Obama has had a difficult time clearly articulating his foreign policy doctrine.
Meanwhile, national polls show that Republicans will almost certainly remain in control of the House of Representatives after November and are increasingly favored to take control of the U.S. Senate.
With a little more than two months until midterm elections, Democrats rightly fear that the president is leading them in circles; the problem is, no one in the Democratic Party seems to have a political compass with which to find their way home.
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