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article imageOp-Ed: Mark Kirk has more to fear than Michelle Obama snatching his seat

By John Presta     Sep 15, 2014 in Politics
Chicago - U.S. Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois is running scared, as he seeks to win re-election in 2016. Kirk knows one thing, but isn't saying is that in spite of the fact he is an incumbent, he will be trying to hang onto this seat is the position of an underdog.
A persistent rumor is circulating through Washington, D.C., that Michelle Obama will pull a Hillary Clinton in 2016, and run for United States Senate, and then of course set the stage for a presidential run. It is the mold set by Hillary Clinton in 2000, but the second part was upended by Barack Obama.
To say that Kirk is popular is an overstatement, but he is certainly not unpopular. He occasionally votes with the Democrats and can be counted on to break Republican filibusters at the behest of Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, his friend from Illinois. They are such close friends that they have an informal agreement that Kirk will not campaign with Durbin's opponent in 2014, billionaire Illinois State Senator Jim Oberweis.
One more plus for Kirk is that his Congressional office offers superior service to constituents, having earned this reputation over the past four years or so. The office is on par with Durbin.
But the deck is stacked against Kirk. That is all very nice, the cooperating with Democrats and providing over-the-top service to constituents, but the fact remains that Kirk has one huge liability in the blue state of Illinois.
He is a Republican.
So scared is Kirk reports Lyn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times. Kirk confronted this nagging rumor in a letter to supporters he sent out on Sept. 5 letter. Kirk made sure that everyone knows he is no gossip . . . but, “I’m not one to believe rumors or engage in political gossip, but when it comes to defending the Illinois Senate seat that I’m honored to hold, I take all potential threats seriously."
Kirk added, “The press and rumor mills ponder the ‘will she or won’t she’ question with regard to Michelle Obama.” Kirk adds that “the circumstances (and denials) are reminiscent of 1999 when First Lady Hillary Clinton was the subject of whirlwind speculation about a run for the United States Senate.”
Then Kirk urged with the appeal for money: “Help me fend off a challenge from a Democratic opponent who will be backed by the national Democrat party as well as the home state political operation of the President.”
I will let the readers in on a little secret. Michelle Obama isn't the least bit interested in running for the U.S. Senate. But if it is enough to scare Mark Kirk, she will allow the rumors to continue circulating.
Here's another secret. Mark Kirk knows she isn't running, but he also knows that a least a dozen prominent Democrats in Illinois are drooling for his seat. we will have some fun at a later date and name some names, but first we have this 2014 midterm election.
What Mark Kirk is trying to stop, or at least slow down, are the dozen or so Democrats that want his job.
Now that's politics.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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