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article imageOp-Ed: Liberal media blames libertarians for Las Vegas killing

By Ben Morris     Jun 15, 2014 in Politics
The liberal media has responded to shooting in Las Vegas by doing what they do, blaming outside sources for murder, instead of the perpetrator.
Imagine a murder committed by an African American, a journalist finds out the murderer read massive amounts of black literature, and claims the authors drove the man to murder. The journalist then blames African Americans for the crime of one man. African Americans and others would be quick to shame the writer for writing such drivel, forcing the publication that posted the story to fire that journalist.
The above has happened, thanks to the liberal media in America reacting foolishly to the killings that occurred in a Las Vegas Wal Mart, by putting the blame squarely on libertarians.
Last week, Alex Wagner, and her guest Joy Reid used Wagner's show to blame Alex Jones, and the liberty movement for the crimes of Jared and Amanda Miller. Wagner posed a question to Reid wondering “Where does the culpability, where does the responsibility, lie with the Alex Joneses of the world,?” before listing right wing and libertarian pages Miller liked on Facebook. The insinuation did not stop with MSNBC.
Raw Story editor David Edwards titled a story condemning Adam Kokesh's views on cop killing, "Libertarian host who inspired Vegas killers: They were ‘victims,’ murdering cops saves lives," taking the lead from Wagner in ignoring the personal issues of the killers, or the way the country is turning in the view of the Miller's by painting a target on the back of people who see the police state growing in America.
Americans Against the Tea Party took the insanity further by implementing Cliven Bundy in the tragedy, simply because the Miller's were on his ranch for a short time, during the standoff against the BLM. Bundy did not give the couple training in firearms, or planned the attack, yet AATTP was quick to implement a civil disobedient in a crime he had no part in.
This is what the liberal media does in America. They refuse to look into the heart of issues. Whenever a gun is used in a crime their tails wag, their eyes light up, elated with an opportunity to yet again obsessively talk about guns, and demean those who happen to believe in the second amendment. They align themselves with a state that is swiftly moving towards tyranny, scoffing at any suggestion that Americans should be concerned about rising corruption, lawlessness and civil liberty abuses.
What the Miller's did may have been wrong, but it is not a sign of libertarians losing their minds, it is a reaction to police forces all over America killing and beating innocent people without any punishment. The rise of police brutality is a real concern, yet the liberal media has no interest in holding police officers accountable for the continuing violence they often perpetuate.
Police forces in America have beaten a homeless person to death, and have been found not guilty, even though video evidence pointed to guilt. Police have thrown smoke grenades into baby cribs, have molested women in search for drugs, murdered dogs, and numerous other heinous acts. Yet the mainstream media has stayed silent. They say every single police officer is a hero, while brushing aside the violence, and military style dress of police officers who look like they are going to war in middle America.
SWAT teams have been used to shut down anything from organic farms to poker games. The number of SWAT raids in the US have grown in huge numbers. Combining that with brutality, police officers have now become disdained instead of trusted. Americans are concerned with mass surveillance, police forces throughout America have installed cameras on the streets, often harassing citizens for simply walking down the street or hanging around on a street corner. These scenarios have created a divide between police and the people who pay them, that continues to grow deeper.
Instead of concentrating on the issues Americans have with their increasingly lawless police forces, the far left media has decided to ignore the growing disconnect many have with police, and have rolled with the blame libertarians angle. The liberal media simply can't understand why some people would be angered by a violent state, that steals their money to violate their rights.
The murders of the two police officer, and the innocent civilian was not caused by an ideology, they were caused by disenfranchisement, and a growing distaste for authority that came as a result of the consequences brewed by the ever growing power of those in charge.
Every ideology has their crazy people who take a message too far. The liberty movement has grown from an ever increasing distrust of the state, and some have taken the those ideas to the extreme. But very few libertarians have taken the words of Ron Paul, Christopher Cantwell, and John Locke to legitimize acts of violence.
By blaming libertarians for the crimes of two individuals, the liberal media has played a petty, immature political game to deligetimize a movement they don't understand. Wagner and her pals have done that by politicizing a tragedy into a libertarians are crazy message. Even though the two killers may have described as anarchists or libertarians, their crimes are not indicative of libertarians as a whole.
It's sad that someone has to point that out, but we now live in a time where instead of covering news, mainstream media feels the need to attack contrasting political ideologies. They do so by using tragedies they love to politicize to cast out political opponents who attack the ideas they hold dear.
The liberty movement is growing as the state becomes more powerful, and although some may attack the state with violence, that does not mean the liberty movement is evil.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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