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article imageOp-Ed: Iraqi PM-designate fails to form government withdraws candidacy

By Ken Hanly     Mar 2, 2020 in Politics
Mohammed Allawi's Iraqi Prime Minister-designate candidacy ended last Sunday as he announced he was withdrawing from consideration. Allawi had been unable to form a government due to political opposition.
A deal between opposition blocs and Kurds blocked Allawi
Over the weekend
the deal led to the collapse of Allawi's attempts to form a government, as he lacked the votes to do so. Rather than wait and try later Allawi decided to back away. The caretaker PM is now left to field some other candidate a task that is fraught with difficulties. Any candidate will need not only political support in the legislature but also the support of the mass anti-government protest movements as well. That is a tall order.
A recent article
reports on the deal: "The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) delegation in Baghdad has reached a deal with opposition parties to try and prevent the Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Tafwiq Allawi from forming a cabinet, Rudaw English has been told. "
Allawi had support from the Sadr bloc
Allawi was thought of as a possible winner because the large political bloc of Moqtada al-Sadr supported him. This cost the influential mullah support among may in the anti-government protest movement. He heavily supported Allawi's bid to be premier but resulted with no new government at all. This is a big blow and may lessen his influence.
Search for a new candidate for PM to begin right away
Iraqi President Barham Salih will begin consultations to choose a new candidate for a new prime minister within 15 days, according to the Iraqi state news agency. However, Iraq could end up without a prime minister in the meantime if Abdul Mahdi, who stayed on in a caretaker capacity should also give up and quit as well.
Iraq appears headed for continuing unrest with no solution yet in sight. Iraqis may regret not unifying behind Allawi. There is no obvious alternative only increased turmoil. The protesters objected against Allawi because he came from the very system they opposed. However, Allawi did choose for his cabinet mainly people who were technically competent and independent of the system. This was anathema to the system and the reason opposition blocs were able to join to oppose him. This is made clear in the appended video.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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