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article imageOp-Ed: Guaido to ask Venezuelan military to oust Maduro at May 1 march

By Ken Hanly     Apr 23, 2019 in Politics
Venezuelan coup leader Guaido is planning a huge march on May 1 he claims will be the biggest Venezuelan march in history. He will demand that president Maduro step down and that the Venezuelan military help him seize power ousting the Maduro government.
A big march on May 1 planned
The Trump administration was quick to recognize Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela after he pronounced himself as such as part of the US-led planned coup against the Maduro government. However, so far the coup has not gone according to plan and Maduro is still in control. Now Guaido plans a huge March on May 1st during which he will demand once and for all for Maduro to make way for Guaido to rule. He is pushing for the Venezuelan military to back him and his marchers in a takeover.
Maduro election wins
Maduro won elections in both 2013 and 2018. However, the US and many other countries do not recognize the validity of the elections and continue to call Maduro a dictator. Of course the rulers of countries such as Saudi Arabia who have unelected leaders are never called dictators. Guaido would not compete in either election. He claims his position as head of the National Assembly allows him to be interim president as the opposition leader after declaring the 2018 election invalid an election in which he refused to compete.
The elected Constituent Assembly has removed any powers from the National Assembly which also earlier came into contempt of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Don't expect any mainstream press to tell you anything of this all of which can be found in Wikipedia.
Guaido's call
In spite of doing his best to overthrow the Maduro government, Guaido is allowed to roam free and organize demonstrations against the government. In any other country he would be languishing in Jail convicted of treason. However, Maduro probably fears that jailing Guaido would be a pretext for intervention by the US into the fray. The US and its many allies would rather use proxy fighters even from within Venezuela if possible. The planned march could very well lead to violence. The appended image quotes US hawk Bolton's threats about what would happen if Guaido is harmed. As a result, Maduro allows Guaido to continuing harming him and his government as he is free to do most of what he wants. He even traveled abroad in spite of a travel ban and returned untouched.
At a recent town hall meeting in Caracas Guaido said: "We call upon all Venezuelan people to take part in the biggest march in the history of Venezuela next May 1 to demand the definitive end of usurpation in Venezuela, to demand once and for all the termination of this tragedy. What has to happen for this to succeed? To whom is this plea directed? Because we already know it's neither Maduro nor the regime, they have nothing to offer. First it must be the armed forces that accompany a people that wants, that needs, that demands to live."
Guaido was not clear about the destination of the March. Guaido said the march "will be the place where the demand will be made for the usurpation to be made immediately." No doubt the government will stage its own March as there is traditionally a march on May 1 to show support for the government.
Guaido also said: "We're not aiming for a clash with troops who also want change, who also need electricity and water, no. Just the opposite, we want them to join the accompany us to the future we all want." Venezuela has long been the target of economic warfare by the US. There have been many blackouts that the government claims have been caused by sabotage of the electric system. The US has offered aid but only through Guaido, in effect using aid as a weapon to help the coup. The Red Cross has refused to get involved. It works through the Maduro government.
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