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article imageOp-Ed: GOP flubs Obama impeachment by fumbling Congress' August recess

By Calvin Wolf     Jul 31, 2014 in Politics
In a blow to the Republican drive to impeach President Barack Obama for alleged abuse of the executive order, Republicans in the House of Representatives have failed to pass vital legislation and are calling for Obama to use the...executive order.
If the Republican party wants to make headway in impeaching President Barack Obama for allegedly abusing the power of the executive order, it would be good strategy to prove that Obama does not need to use the executive order to get things done. Unfortunately for the GOP, Republicans in the House of Representatives have utterly flubbed that commonsense strategy by failing to craft or pass legislation on America's border crisis. According to CNN, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has delayed the planned August recess, set to begin on August 1, in order to get Republican congressmen unified on an immigration policy plan.
And, ironically, Republicans have released a statement calling on the president to act to secure America's borders even in the absence of congressional action...even though acting in the absence of congressional action is what they want to sue over in the first place! Right now the GOP is in a pickle: It has a good impeachment argument in principle, but failing in practicality will erase the votes needed to impeach.
If House Republicans fail to get legislation passed during crunch time, they will look foolish by continuing their drive to impeach a president who is increasingly seen as acting only to break gridlock. It seems a tad hypocritical to fault somebody for trying to fix the problem you helped cause in the first place! You can bet that this hypocrisy will be brought up by Democrats this fall as midterms approach, putting House Republicans under a withering barrage of criticism. Though staunch Republicans may toe the line and continue to attack Obama, moderate Republicans may back down when faced with skeptical moderate and independent voters.
Heading into the midterms as a house divided will hurt Republican candidates. Since not all Republicans can get behind impeaching Obama, the heavy hitters should drop the issue. Also, crafting something on immigration immediately is a must. It coach Boehner cannot get his team together within a few weeks, look for a rout this November.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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