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article imageOp-Ed: Given a chance, Democrats failed to make things better

By Larry Clifton     Aug 20, 2014 in Politics
Washington - The Democratic Party is in decline, regardless of what sympathetic sources in the mainstream media say. It is not because of one thing that is going on; it is because of everything.
The Democratic Party staggers like a sucker-punched victim, surprised by the damage inflicted by its own collective fist. Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country, and indeed the world, after six years of Democratic Party dominance.
At home, the administration has overseen the meltdown of border security as tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants continue to overwhelm the U.S. immigration system. This problem is a long-term problem spanning years, not months.
Meanwhile, in the heartland, people are rioting over a police shooting as Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon calls for a “vigorous prosecution” of a police officer instead of a vigorous investigation of the incident. Americans understand the difference. Now, the President, who ran as a uniter in 2008, has sent his Attorney General to the state of Missouri to intervene in that state’s affairs. A beer summit of sorts, with controversial activist Eric Holder whom Congress holds in contempt for withholding investigative documents.
At the same time, overexposed, presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, already worth tens of millions of dollars and getting richer by the moment from exorbitant speaking fees, recently asked for the sympathy of voters because she says she was “dead broke” after eight years as the First Lady of the United States. She made this statement during her failed Hard Choices book tour during which she felt the need to explain to ordinary Americans how she’s just like them, rather than the One-Percenter she is. Clinton's book, Hard Choices might have been more accurrately titled Easy Money given that Clinton was paid $11 million for the reportedly boring political sleep aid.
In an economy defined by low wages and part-time jobs, most Americans are not angry at One-Percenters, but a One-Percenter that whines about having to take out mortgages for multimillion-dollar homes.
Beyond daily riots, an anemic, crawling so-called economic recovery and a border crisis that remains out of control, there is a profound feeling among Americans that the Democrats have taken the country in the wrong direction.
Beyond domestic political observations, is that world of foreign affairs. Iraq is back. Israel is at war with Hamas. Russia is at war with Ukraine. Iran is most likely making a nuclear bomb(s) and much of the Middle East is at war. Relations with Israel have never been worse and Islamic State terrorists are lopping off the heads of American journalists while blaming Obama’s foreign policies.
Notice how we are not hearing much about Republicans and water boarding as of late in the media? Suddenly, the same broadcast news readers that despise Cheney wear solemn expressions indicating that for a change they may be as angry with terrorists as they are with Dick Cheney.
Put simply, the world seems much angrier and increasingly hostile to the U.S. after nearly six years of a Democratic Party administration.
Meanwhile, federal scandals are etched across the headers of daily newspapers and punctuate television news broadcasts. From government surveillance of private phone calls and emails, to IRS being used by Democrats to silence their political opponents, the American people are listening, observing. They are angry, and rightly so.
Fast-forward to less than 80 days before the midterm elections and Democrats do not want to stand beside their own Democratic president, not even during home-state visits.
At the same time, video of bitterly partisan Austin Democrat Rosemary Lehmberg, the prosecutor who was arrested for drunk driving in a widely publicized incident in April 2013, is making the rounds. In it, the Democrat is slurring her words and staggering around threatening police officers before they put her in restraints, The local Texas Democrat is suing Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry for vetoing legislation of which she approved. Again, Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are watching, observing.
Increasingly, what they are experiencing, is worse than what they fear. They do not know how much their health insurance will cost next year or what their deductible will be. They do not know if America will descend into race riots while Democrats do political dances as Ferguson, Missouri burns. We do know that America seems more polarized and socially tense than it was before 2008.
Americans do know that the Democratic Party they entrusted the White House and a congressional supermajority with has not made things better.
Obviously, the Democratic Party has failed. It is in the polls, it is on the streets, it is in the air.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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