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article imageOp-Ed: Election 2020 — Ignorance vs competence

By Paul Wallis     Oct 30, 2020 in Politics
Washington - Well, if 2016 was new insofar as absolute babble was the currency, now it’s predictable. The solution to the problem is “There is no problem”, etc. Everything’s just dandy peachy keen, according to Trump. It's about ignorance vs competence.
Ignorance isn’t too hard to find. The headlines tell a familiar tale. Facts don’t exist in the Trump narrative. Trump took time off to accuse doctors of making more money out of COVID cases. They don’t. He’s suddenly taken a dislike to FOX News. FOX is the only media on Earth which actively supports him. FOX, meanwhile, is “warning of an economic calamity” if Biden wins. The economy is already in very serious trouble, and has been for months, thanks to the pandemic Trump said didn’t exist, but.. meh.
So, it’s business as usual at El Rancho Muy Gerbils in the Trump camp, you’d think. This time, however, the outstandingly useless QAnon is also a factor. They’ve taken the lying and defamation to a global scale. Banished from social media, they’re now using bots but not using QAnon names. The ridiculous conspiracy theories still ooze around, if muted. QAnon has even migrated to Europe, no doubt welcomed by the right wing there.
Ignorance, however, doesn’t prevail. The sheers scale of rebuttal of the disinformation is huge, and growing. The end is in sight. At most, Trump and the Symphony of Stupidity he ushered in can only have 4 more years to go. They’ll be even more stale and discredited in 2024, if they last that long. My bet would be that when the money goes, QAnon and the rest of the moronic mouse plague go with it.
America the Dutiful? Ah, um, er…
Competence, however, is extremely hard to find. Finding it in the revolving door of Trump appointees has been impossible. It’s also notably absent in the Red state legislation which can’t work which the Republicans have been shovelling in the machine.
If the duty of any government is to address national issues, one look at the US news will explain how the US government is not working at all on every level. The issues of 2016 are now much worse. The pandemic, economic meltdown, and failure to maintain the stimulus package are making what’s worse so much worse.
Business isn’t doing much better. The theory of a recovery has been spiked by the pandemic, yet again. Services sectors have been hit hard. Collateral damage in the form of transport services damage is arguably worse.
The MTA in New York is now talking about “doomsday cuts” which would affect thousands of jobs. The net hit could involve as many as 450,000 jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructural projects. This very gloomy situation applies to all types of sectors, from fast food to airlines, etc.
Punters piling on Donald Trump to win the presidential election prefer to glean their information fr...
Punters piling on Donald Trump to win the presidential election prefer to glean their information from a social media bubble rather than the mainstream media
Kena Betancur, AFP
Ignorance vs competence – Who wins?
Selective ignorance is well-known in the workplace. It seems to go on forever. Eventually, however, it’s so destructive that it has to be removed or replaced.
The Trump administration has failed entirely in so many ways:
• Pandemic – Out of control, by far the worst in the world.
• Health care - Zip. Nada. Nothing.
• The border wall – An expensive farce. A few yards costing millions has actually been built.
• Jobs – No.
• Manufacturing – No.
• Trade deficit – Up 5.9%, highest in over a decade.
• “Managing” China – No. Quite the opposite. Trump’s babble has encouraged them.
• Any and every social issue in the United States from poverty to Black Lives Matter – No.
• US allies – Insulted on a routine basis.
• Environment – This is the most environmentally destructive administration in history, selling off public land to private interests in huge chunks.
• Respect for US credibility – Almost totally destroyed.
• Science and tech, America’s key advantages – Losing ground faster than ever.
• Corruption – Who knows? The administration obviously isn’t interested.
• Guns – 17 million more guns were sold during the pandemic months. You can’t shoot a virus, but hey, it’s all great, right?
• Crime – Not a mention.
• Racism – Worse than ever.
This administration can only end one way – A mighty crash, followed by mop and bucket work cleaning up after it. Ignorance vs competence can only have one winner, and ignorance never really wins. It just gets in the way.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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