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article imageOp-Ed: Don’t go making Putin calls — just stick to product placements

By Digital Journal Staff     Feb 10, 2017 in Politics
Once again, Digital Journal's alternative-fact-based hardliners take a look at the Trumpweek that was: First Family product lines, rocky phone calls with DOTUS and unanimous court decisions are on everybody’s mind!
Two big phone calls demanded all of DOTUS’ presidential wiles this week. Talking to Russia about nuclear disarmament proved an elaborate affair. Donald first had to put Putin on hold in order to check what the U.S.’s nuclear treaty with Russia actually is. What hasn’t been reported is that Donny needed to take a second break in the call in order to get enough shots of him looking presidential while holding the phone — something his advisors have been trying to perfect over the very important early days of his administration. The call with China was no less interesting: DOTUS’ 180 on the One China policy was so fast that they reversed the call charges.
The government ethics website broke down this week after Kellyanne Conway went on TV to push Ivanka Trump’s China-made line of women’s clothing. A lot of people were either looking to check that Conway broke the law, or to see if they could get in on some of that sweet White House endorsement money.
Meanwhile, the race for the chair of the Democratic National Committee is heating up. The twelve competitors are starting to agree that, maybe, perhaps, something different should have been done to stop Donald. At this rate, they might even settle on a plan by the end of 2020. Watch our ongoing coverage of this turtle race as things develop.
Of course, the big story of the week was the U.S. Court of Appeal’s decision to maintain the hold of Donald’s Muslim ban. The 3-0 decision against President Bannon didn’t seem to stymy DOTUS however: he tweeted out enthusiastically about how he can’t wait to be back in court for another round of shellacking… unless C.U.N. Court is a new fashion line by Ivanka, and her dad was just name-dropping.
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