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article imageOp-Ed: Dissecting Marco Rubio’s email on the NSA Special

By Justin King     Mar 17, 2014 in Politics
An email from Senator Marco Rubio lays out his feelings on the NSA’s domestic spying program. The email is full of the same doublespeak that every defender of the program uses because they can’t find an actual justification for the program.
Throughout the March 14, 2014 email, which is typical of the form emails sent by those that are supposed to be representing the interests of their constituents when one of the lowly plebs attempts to contact them, Rubio demonstrates clearly that his position is one of big government overreach, support of the advancing surveillance state, and surrender of American values.
Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding the National Security Agency's data collection programs to safeguard our nation. This is an important issue and I am grateful for your thoughts as well as the opportunity to respond.
In the opening paragraph, Rubio attempts to insert a positive attribute to the government’s domestic surveillance program. Of course, Rubio may just simply be unaware the White House panel has already admitted that not a single terrorist attack was stopped or hindered by the massive spying program. If he were aware of that fact, it would be an outright lie on his part to claim the program is a “safeguard” for the country.
Rubio continues:
Our intelligence collection programs are vital tools used by the government to defend the security of the U.S. homeland. As you know, President Obama has recently made some suggestions to alter these programs; I am concerned his recommendations go too far and may make it more difficult for the government to carry out its constitutional responsibility to keep Americans safe.
Rubio goes on to refer to the “vital tools” that are providing for the proper security of the Fatherland. Of course, once the fear mongering is stripped away and the Senator becomes aware that in an analysis of 227 terrorism cases the NSA’s spying programs had “no discernible impact,” he might stop attempting to waive Americans' rights while he waves the flag.
Depiction by John Trumbull of Washington resigning his commission as commander-in-chief.
Depiction by John Trumbull of Washington resigning his commission as commander-in-chief.
Wikipedia / George Washington
The fact that he refers to the Constitution while advocating for Americans to be placed under surveillance until they are proven innocent has made the nation’s founding fathers roll over in their graves so quickly that if a turbine was hooked to them, it would solve the world’s energy crisis. No person can invoke the Constitution of the United States or the memory of this nation’s designers, while simultaneously advocating to destroy the very fabric of the nation. The Senator from Florida completely ignores the government’s constitutional responsibility to abide by the Bill of Rights.
The email goes on:
Over the past several months, we've had a vigorous debate following the damaging leaks that revealed the existence of many programs. The collection programs we have in place are legally authorized and receive robust oversight from Congress as well as the judiciary.
Anytime a politician refers to a government action as “legally authorized,” it’s time to become very wary. Governments only cite the legality of actions when it is clear the action is immoral. The action is only legal because those in power displayed a lack of courage and leadership, and voted to establish America’s secret police service. Regardless of the Senator’s assertions, judicial oversight does not occur in secret courts.
He continues:
As changes are proposed by members of Congress and the administration, I and other members of the intelligence committee will closely examine their impact to ensure keeping our people safe is our foremost goal while maintaining proper safeguards against unnecessary intrusions of our people's civil liberties.
This would be the same Senate Intelligence Committee that was reportedly spied on and intimidated by the Central Intelligence Agency recently. Senator Rubio will have to forgive the American people if they don’t feel comforted by the fact that same group of people responsible for protecting the civil liberties of an entire nation, couldn’t stop the violation of their own. Every intrusion of civil liberties is unnecessary for a program that produces no results.
The body of the email concludes with:
In this ongoing war against terrorism, the vital work of the men and women of the intelligence community is our front line of defense. We need to ensure that those who work in the intelligence community have the tools they need to piece together information in order to defend our nation as well as our allies. Please know that I will continue to follow this situation closely and ensure that any privacy concern is heard and addressed appropriately.
Marco Rubio seems to forget what terrorism is. Terrorism is the use of violence to spread terror to achieve a political, religious, or ideological goal. By cowering from the boogieman of terrorism behind the shield of a total surveillance state like a beaten dog while simultaneously destroying the freedoms and principals the country was founded on, Rubio has already thrown up the white flag surrender in the war on terror.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
An elected official that is so terrified that he is willing to surrender Americans’ rights and the nation’s ideals to that fear is not fit to be a Senator, much less a Presidential candidate. In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural address, he said that the
Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
As the character of politicians continues to decline, it can only be expected that they will not lead, but only react to all the scary things in the world that frighten them and every time they become scared, the American people will lose what were once inalienable rights.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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