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article imageOp-Ed: Dick Cheney's lack of care for innocents is America at its lowest

By Marcus Hondro     Dec 22, 2014 in Politics
He is a de facto representative of the U.S, Dick Cheney. No longer in an office but still part of the political landscape. A player, maybe even the player in the GOP. And, as a recent interview shows, he is arrogant, smug and pridefully populist.
Cheney was on Meet the Press a week ago and some of his responses to questions posed him by host Chuck Todd were cringe-worthy. And he was so quick to give them, so obviously proud of his administration's aggression, so happy — yes, happy — to bring up 9/11, which was his, and George Bush's, and Donald Rumsfeld's, and Condoleezza Rice's, reason for doing anything nasty to anyone they wanted.
The arrogance!
Before going over his worst offence of the night, the unforgivable one, let's get this out of the way: a country looking to save its citizens from a terrorist attack could be accused of a lack of compassion were they to refuse to use cruel means, to use torture, to get information that would be certain to save innocent civilians. So he's not always so far away from making sense. The thing is though — when do you know for certain?
For certain you must be.
But if it were unequivocally shown that torturing an individual who was part of a terrorist group would lead to, down the road absolutely lead to, saving a dozen innocent lives, how many who abhor torture would continue to speak against its use in such a situation? So some of what Cheney says on the subject is not as immoral as others have suggested.
Dick Cheney tramples the innocent
But it's Cheney's views on the torture and imprisonment of innocent people that show him in an unpalatable light. The Senate report on enhanced interrogation, major portions of which were released on Dec. 9, said that 26 of 119 detainees were innocent.
Cheney said, positively boasted, that he was fine with all of those innocent people having been imprisoned and tortured. It did not bother him at all, and doubtless you'll be able to guess why. As he's done so often, he justified immoral practices with 9/11.
“I’m more concerned with the bad guys that were released than the few that were, in fact, innocent,” he said, later adding when the numbers were read to him that he had "no problem as long as we achieve our objective" which was "to get the guys who did 9/11 and to avoid another attack on the United States.”
Torture was used to get information that would prevent terrorists attacks and help find Osama Bin Laden. But getting Osama Bin Laden, Cheney and Bush did not manage to do, it was done on Barack Obama's watch, so those they tortured to get information on Bin Laden were tortured to no end, whether they were involved with terrorism or innocent.
Did they save any innocent lives? The answer is as elusive as the weapons of mass destruction they failed to find in Iraq. Stick this person in a box as small as a coffin for two days and save ten? Handcuff someone's wrists on an overhead bar for 22 hours a day and save 20? There's nothing to say they saved anyone.
So, again, any of those innocent were tortured for nothing, which even had they gained information from others would still be the case because, obviously, the innocent can't give you information they don't have.
But that, Cheney said, is okay, and he said he'd do it again. But imprisoning and then torturing without even knowing guilt, without knowing they have information that could stop an attack or save a life, is both dishonorable and cowardly, which clearly Dick Cheney is.
And, office or no office, Dick Cheney, just by being himself, continues to show America at its worst.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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