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article imageOp-Ed: Dick Cheney predicts Hillary Clinton will not be Democrat nominee

By John Presta     Aug 13, 2014 in Politics
Washington, D. C. - Former Vice President Dick Cheney is clearly frustrated and struggling to regain lost credibility from the role played in shaping America' disastrous foreign policy during the failed George W. Bush years, mishandling and botching the events after 9/11.
Cheney has attacked Obama's foreign policy, calling Barack Obama "the worst president of my lifetime." However, George W. Bush has earned that vaunted title, and by extension, Cheney has earned the title of "worst vice president."
As proof, Cheney was openly attacked on the once politically sympathetic network, the Fox News network. On the Fox News show, The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, Cheney and his daughter, Liz Cheney, were treated rather harshly by Kelly. Cheney's credentials on foreign policy, particularly Iraq, were challenged. In reference to Iraq, Kelly asked Cheney, "The suggestion is that you caused this mess, Mr. Vice President. What say you?"
Kelly started by quoting a liberal Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman, by stating, "There is not a single person in America who has been more wrong and more shamelessly dishonest on the topic of Iraq than Dick Cheney, and now as the cascade of misery and death and chaos, he did so much to unleash raises anew, Mr. Cheney has the unadulterated gall to come before the country and tell us that it's all someone else's fault."
The Cheneys were stunned and had no good answer, preferring to now appear on more "friendly" conservative news shows.
The Cheney attacks are no longer being aimed at just Obama, however, but are now aimed directly at another Democrat. As if attacking Obama were not enough, Cheney is apparently abandoning that futile effort and taking on Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Cheney made the remarks about Hillary Clinton on the Hugh Hewitt radio show yesterday, in which he said she cannot win the election and openly questioned whether she would be the Democratic nominee.
Hewitt asked Cheney, "Can Hillary Clinton be beaten?"
Cheney answered, "Well, I think she can." Cheney added that "She’s got a lot of things she’ll have to answer for, a lot of baggage. She’s got to explain why serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, she shouldn’t be held accountable for being the one who implemented those policies such as they are."
Cheney also didn't think that Hillary Clinton is "inevitable."
"I don’t think it’s a slam dunk for her by any means. I’m not even sure that it’s guaranteed she’ll get the Democratic nomination. I think there’s a lot to answer for," said Cheney, using the Republican buzzword "Benghazi". Hillary Clinton has a lot to answer for on the issue of Benghazi.
"I’m not at all sure that’ll be sure two years from now," in discussing whether Hillary Clinton will be the nominee.
Of course, Cheney is wrong. Again. The comments about Hillary Clinton are political wishful thinking, as Hillary Clinton, with the help of former President Bill Clinton, will breeze to the Democratic nomination and defeat any Republican opponent.
Cheney has become a sad caricature of his former self, once highly-respected under the George H.W. Bush administration. Cheney now refuses to acknowledge the failures, even coming from a former ally like Fox News. Hillary Clinton admitted in her book she was wrong about Iraq. Hillary Clinton acknowledges her mistakes. Cheney, not so much. Credibility is a terrible thing to lose, as Dick Cheney and his daughter now know.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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