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article imageOp-Ed: Democrats and Bloomberg — What do you want, Santa Claus?

By Paul Wallis     Feb 16, 2020 in Politics
New York - Seriously, the constant Democrat umming and ahhing over Bloomberg is astonishing to the point of despair. What do you want, Santa Claus?
A lengthy but informative article in The New York Times paints a solid, if occasionally equivocal, picture of Bloomberg’s political and philanthropic donations. Those donations add up to billions over time.
That’s more time and money than most people have done or given in recent years, but obviously not good enough for some. Bloomberg’s support for various charities and political interests looks focused in a range of areas like gun control and climate change and other issues very much in the Democrat heartland.
What, exactly, are you bitching about?
That, apparently, isn’t good enough. The accusation of “buying the Presidency” was quick off the mark, for example. The accusation didn’t come from Trump or the GOP. It came sailing in through The Guardian, not exactly a right wing outlet.
Then there’s the “age factor” – Bloomberg is older than Trump. Bloomberg is 78. Is that an issue for a party which bases its core image on anti-discrimination? Seems that it is. It’s not a great look for a progressive party to denigrate anyone based on their age, but it’s there, quietly throwing a few bricks. They don’t actually say “old white guy”, but close.
The fact that Bernie Sanders is the same age as Bloomberg, however, isn’t a factor. It’s not even mentioned. Nobody, including the GOP, is accusing Sanders of being too old. Go figure. It shouldn’t take long.
Facts....Remember them?
Facts, as usual in United States politics, are basically placeholders for whatever comes spinning out of the genius factory. There’s a lot of negativity, of which you’d think Americans have seen more than enough in the last 4 years since Trump’s nomination.
This bitching is “progressive”? According to whom?
Here are a few facts Democrats might like to consider along with the snide, rather smug, innuendo seeping out in the media:
1. Based on the information in the NYT article, Bloomberg has done more than most in terms of philanthropy for progressive causes than most.
2. Bloomberg isn't banned from charities in NY for stealing money from his own children’s charity, unlike Trump.
3. He can finish whole sentences that actually mean something without contradicting himself.
4. He’s not basing his campaign on a quote from Ralph Wiggum in 2008 or isolationist America First from 1940 or even that popular conservative party game, economic suicide.
5. He’s not running away from his own tax returns in the courts. (The abysmal failure to follow up on this bizarre situation is hardly the Democrats’ showpiece for political savvy, either.)
6. Bloomberg is an actual Somebody who’s publicly supporting progressive causes in the hideous theme park/ farcical reality TV show called Trumpland. That’s not exactly common.
7. He’s a self-made billionaire. This doesn’t ring any bells in America? Since when? Could it be that he may know what he’s doing, when it comes to business issues?
The Democrats are showing themselves to be extremely disorganized in terms of supporting candidates on a fair-minded basis. The tantrums over Sanders not getting nominated in 2016 were inexcusable, as well as totally counterproductive, especially in a progressive party.
This election is about polarization. It’s about the reality vs the superficiality. It’s the future vs the past, in so many ways. Trump has dragged America down to his level. That’s exactly where it will stay, unless Democrats work together and retake the presidency.
America is staring monumental mediocrity incarnate in the face, and it’s not responding effectively. Democrats should be aware that another 4 years of Trump can be their doing, just as much as Trump supporters.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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