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article imageOp-Ed: Conservative alternatives to Obamacare that just might be better

By Mike White     Oct 13, 2014 in Politics
Republicans and Tea Party members don't care about people. Obamacare proves President Obama does care. Liberals tell you these things. There are conservative alternatives which might be better and do show compassion, however, maybe more compassion.
President Obama and other liberals do a good enough job of selling Obamacare that many actually believe (wrongly) that conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members could care less about the needs of the less fortunate, including healthcare. Sometimes I get the impression some liberals think most conservatives wouldn’t care if someone dies of a terminal illness without any insurance or starves to death with nobody to give him a morsel of bread. It is sad, because none of these things are true.
Many people who have swallowed the liberal party line hook line and sinker are actually very intelligent, articulate and compassionate people. That's why they want to do something to help the less fortunate that they believe have been ignored by those nasty Tea Party members. There have been a number of suggestions proposed by conservatives, however, which might be better than the Affordable Care Act and might show more compassion. Let's explore both how an alternative might work and some of the problems with Obamacare, of which there are many.
As I pointed out in my Op-Ed, When Obamacare stops treatment for cancer patients, the law has helped some people, maybe even a number of people, to have insurance that would not otherwise. I acknowledge this. I even mentioned a man who might have been helped to have had it before he became terminally ill.
The problem is it doesn't work as well for millions. I also pointed out another man, however, who was told Obamacare did not cover the treatments for the 20 tumors he had and other cancer patients who could not get the treatment they wanted or use the doctors they had chosen--because of Obamacare and government regulations which had to be followed. Then there are the millions who have lost their insurance because it became too expensive for them to afford anymore or lost it because it didn't meet government standards, those whose rates have skyrocketed and those affected by ever rising deductibles.
There are proposals out there, whether proposed by legislators or other conservatives that are not in Congress that, if enacted just might work a lot better than the Affordable Care Act. They might just not have the negative consequences Obamacare does and might show more compassion than the new law.
The Heritage Foundation offers a plan for healthcare reform that it shows on the website, Does it shock you to learn that a solution to the problem by conservatives would use the government, although not in the massive way Obamacare does, as a part of the solution? It calls for reforming Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security into real insurance programs. Citizens would have a choice among competing private competing healthcare plans (Naturally if the programs were private they would automatically work better than a government program. The government seldom gets anything right.) It should be noted such a system has already worked for years quite well for federal employees. Why would it not work for private citizens?
Of course Obamacare would have to be repealed. It should be noted, however, that it would be replaced would another system. America would not go back to healthcare the way it was before President Obama was elected. Changes did need to be made.
The National Review on its website elaborated on how the new healthcare system would work. One point is that Americans would have total choice for their own healthcare decisions. Some government bureaucrat would not be able to tell a cancer patient which doctor he could use, as happened with many patients. Patients like Jeffrey Rusch, the cancer patient I mentioned in my other article, would be able to get the coverage they want, because some heartless bureaucrat in Washington would not be able to deny it, as happened for him.
The less fortunate would be helped in a number of ways. Medicaid’s federal-state partnership would be reformed into a system centered on patients. States would get the freedom to experiment with treatments that might work better for the disabled and the sick. The low income who have been pushed into inferior government-controlled Obamacare would receive money to buy private coverage. People would get better doctors and healthcare, as studies have shown, than under government insurance.
There are also proposed solutions to guarantee that a person could carry his insurance from one job to another, if he quits. One of the few things I do like about Obamacare is the promise that those with pre-existing health conditions be allowed to have insurance, and the conservative solution also tackles this issue. This would be done without causing insurance companies to risk the solvency of their company by using high-risk pools or reinsurance and risk-transfer mechanisms.
There are a number of methods used to control insurance costs. Insurance markets would be opened for more consumers because pooling mechanisms and cross-state purchasing tools would open up competition and drive prices down.
Doctors and patients could contract privately for services. Under Obamacare and the bureaucrats in charge, there have been a number of cuts to providers, which has negatively affected health care. Under this plan senior citizens, who might need health care the most of any group, could choose the plan they want, not one some government bureaucrat wants them to choose, as I mentioned is being done to cancer patients in my other article. Seniors would even be allowed to pocket any money they save on healthcare costs. What a novel concept!
One other key competent of the alternative is that Congress would permanently abandon using taxpayer money to fund abortion. The rights of employers, insurance companies, employees to not participate in something that violates their conscience would be protected by this provision.
These ideas sound like common sense, compassionate solutions to me, far more compassionate that the Big Brother approach under Obamacare.
While my private insurance rates (I receive coverage through my employer) have not jumped yet under the Affordable Health Care Act as have the rates of many others, I have been affected--even if not in the horrible ways of some. My deductibles have doubled, and now we never meet them, so all of my wife's chiropractic services are paid out of our pocket, when before at some point we met the deductible, and the insurance money kicked in. That is not something that will bankrupt us, even though it is inconvenient, but what if we did have major expenses, with a deductible that has been doubled? That could cause a bit of a financial strain.
I know Obamacare will not be repealed unless a Republican president and majority in Congress is elected in two years. I can only hope for the good of our country that does happen.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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