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article imageOp-Ed: Bill, I forgive you!

By Paula Kirman     Feb 4, 2014 in Politics
I want to say it here so that it is public: I forgive Bill Clinton. I forgive him for lying to his nation in an attempt to save face after a sex scandal.
Apparently, I am not alone. According to a new poll, Mr. Clinton tops the list of public figures whom people are willing to extend forgiveness.
What led to my change of heart? In the beginning, I was angry and suspicious. I guess I bought into the way of thinking that if a man can lie to his own wife, he will lie to anyone. And he did. He lied to his country. And if someone lies about one thing, what other secrets are being kept in the closet? It's a matter of national security, after all.
Then, Bush Jr. got into office. Remember the "weapons of mass destruction?" Apparently, neither did he. Because there weren't any.
In my mind, that is worse than lying about getting a blow job.
While we are on this same topic, I also forgive Bill Clinton for lending his name to the throngs of men who don't consider non-penetrative sex to be "real" sex. "Yes, Mr. Clinton," I say to them sarcastically, as they wince.
If it was not for Bill and his indiscretion, I would never have such a great come back.
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