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article imageOp-Ed: Anonymous hit Trump Tower, take down website

By Paul Wallis     Dec 12, 2015 in Politics
New York - Seems Anonymous don’t make much of a distinction between Trump and their other targets, Islamic State. Accusing Trump of playing in to IS hands with his anti-Muslim rhetoric, they decided to make a point – And took down the Trump Tower website.
Anonymous are apparently less than keen on someone more or less doing Islamic State’s work of spreading the message of a war on Islam. Not while they’re busily taking down IS propaganda sites. So they took down his (Trump Tower). Trump’s recent talk of banning Muslims from entering to America hasn’t exactly corrected that impression. Nor has ignoring Muslim American and community protests.
Meanwhile Trump is now credited with a whopping 35% of the primary votes for the Republicans. He could lose as much as Jeb Bush’s entire primary vote, and still have 30% left, a lot more than other GOP candidates. Much commentary, all of it negative, has centered on the new number, which may move around as much as all of his previous survey results.
It’s not Mr. 35% of the GOP’s primary vote’s week, though. The new assault comes after an educational interlude in the form of a debate with an American Bald Eagle called Uncle Sam during a photo shoot for TIME Magazine , which Trump lost rather convincingly. Bald Eagles don’t usually vote or express political opinions. This one may have been reacting to some sort of slur made by Trump.
Trump hasn’t officially got around to denigrating individual trees, ground squirrels, fire hydrants, or the rest of America yet, so this may be a new marketing move in to the ecology of North America to get support from other redneck rodents who don’t like those things.
What’s fascinating is his total lack of substance. He can call the 20% of the US population of Latino descent whatever, and not be held to account for it. Following the usual GOP pattern of “hate other Americans” has worked well for him. It may backfire on the GOP, however, which really hasn’t been saying much more than they’re not Trump so people should vote for them.
If you see a headline saying “Trump attacked by Mom at home with an apple pie”, it’ll all be in good fun. America will continue to be the Earthly paradise, plutocrats will smile happily, and all will be well.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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