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article imageOp-Ed: America says 'No' to housing illegal immigrant children

By Karen Graham     Jun 17, 2014 in Politics
Lawrenceville - On Monday, the Obama administration had to put a halt to clandestine plans to house around 500 illegal immigrant children in a recently closed college in rural Virginia. Citing safety issues, local officials said gang affiliations are a big concern.
The Obama administration has opted to keep the public ignorant of plans to house the hundreds of illegal immigrant children flooding across our borders. But last week, the Defense Department released information about three locations being used to house some of the children.
It seems that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is already using three military bases, Naval Base Ventura County, Calif., Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma, according to the Department of Defense. But even with the government using these three bases, the Obama administration has other plans in the works, and that is to spread these unaccompanied and undocumented children all across America.
According to Judicial Watch, the children taken to Ft. Bliss, in Texas, are being processed in an aircraft hangar. At the same time, six planes full of children have been flown to Massachusetts by Immigration and Customs (ICS). According to a local Fox affiliate, the ICE is saying this is part of the "normal removal" process, or so they say.
The HHS had planned to house the undocumented children in an empty office complex in Baltimore, Maryland, but the city's Democratic Mayor and the state's two Democratic senators put a halt to the plan as soon as they heard about it.
It is fairly obvious that there is now an elaborate plan, perpetrated by the Obama administration and a number of federal agencies to keep the press and the public in the dark regarding any and all information having any bearing on the disposition of the children. It is also obvious these children will not be returned to their homelands.
A case in point involves the little town of Lawrenceville, Virginia. Located in rural Brunswick County, the town is the sight of the now defunct St. Paul's College. The historic black college has been on the auction block for some time. City fathers learned late on Friday last week that the HHS had arranged to utilize the school as a place to house 500 of the illegal immigrant children.
Brunswick County's state representative, Robert Hurt was brought into the fray, and Hurt fired off a letter to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell, asking that the agency halt the process of renting the school property.
“This morning, I sent a letter to Secretary Burwell asking that her agency immediately stop their plans to locate at least 500 juvenile illegal immigrants on the campus of St. Paul’s College in the small town of Lawrenceville. I made this request based upon the very serious public safety and public health concerns expressed to me by my constituents and their local elected officials over the course of this weekend,” Hurt wrote.
Hurt said he was informed on Monday that the HHS had put a "pause" to the rental process, and that the children would not be arriving this week. But Hurt went on to say that “While this may be a positive development, I have yet to see any evidence that this means that HHS has rescinded its contract with St. Paul’s College or that they are actually halting the implementation of its plan. In the event that HHS intends to operate in good faith, I would request that they completely halt the implementation of this plan and return to the drawing board. If the HHS plan is indeed good for the people of Lawrenceville and Brunswick County, then they should begin with a transparent and open process that includes the community and the local elected officials… "
And the key to all that the administration is doing, or in this case, not doing lies in Mr. Hurts' last words. Transparency and open dialog is totally lacking and has been lacking all along. The HHS plans to send representatives to a town meeting on Thursday night in Lawrenceville. There, they will make their case for housing the children in Virginia.
But it all goes back to the Obama administration. Critics condemn Obama for laying out "the welcome mat," in essence, encouraging the mass exodus across our borders. These children have the idea that if they can make it to the border, they will not be turned away. Things have gotten so bad at the border that on Monday, Rep. Candice S. Miller, Michigan Republican and chairwoman of a key border security subcommittee, wrote President Obama, asking that he deploy the National Guard to take over the chore of baby-sitting the children so that the customs officers can get back to their jobs.
The government is going to have to come clean, and stop hiding behind double-talk. It is apparent that most states and communities don't want these children. While the HHS is saying that taking them in and taking care of them will bring money and jobs to the community, is this all these kids mean to the government? Something doesn't smell right in Washington.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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