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article imageNot again! Sarah Palin hints at run for 2016 nomination, maybe

By Marcus Hondro     Jan 25, 2015 in Politics
Sarah Palin was back speech-making in Iowa Saturday and sort of said she is maybe mulling another near-run at the Republican nomination for the presidency, possibly. Now she didn't actually run the last time but she did come oh so close to, we think.
Sarah Palin appearance in Iowa
Palin was speaking at a gathering of Iowa GOP political activists in Des Moines and her most provocative remarks vis-à-vis a possible White House run included saying that it was time to take down the White House sign "that says no girls allowed."
That drew a large reaction from the crowd as did: "If you want something said, you ask a man; if you want something done, you ask a woman. Now I'm ready for Hillary, are you?"
Palin, who quit as governor of Alaska before her first term was up and ran as John McCain's V.P. choice on his ticket in 2008, a move some from the party, like former V.P. Dick Cheney, believe was McCain's undoing, put hints out there in the lead up to 2012 that she would contest the Republican nomination.
She even went on a 'One Nation' bus tour around parts of the U.S.. She claimed the tour was to "educate and energize Americans about our nation's founding principles" but it was seen as a trial-balloon to see if she had a chance of winning the GOP nomination and beating President Barack Obama. She didn't run, nor was the tour fully realized.
Sarah Palin in the news
Her appearances in the news since her decision not to run in 2012 have centered around her family and controversy. More recently last September while in Alaska, they live most of the year in Arizona now, police were called to a brawl at their home during a large party.
Daughter Bristol Palin was at the center of it, reportedly throwing a number of haymakers into the head and face of an undisclosed guest. He may have deserved it, we don't know.
And weeks ago she earned the ire of animal lovers when she posted a photo on Facebook of son Trig, six, standing with his full weight on the family dog, using the animal as a stepping stool so he could reach up to the counter. She added a comment that he was using the dog wisely to overcome a "stumbling" block in life.
Speaking to reporters after her speech in Des Moines, she told them she was "seriously interested" in a run at the nomination for party. And Palin wasn't the only 'on-again, off-again' candidate. Donald Trump, who last time around also said yes, no, yes, no, yes - and no, was also there talking about a potential run at the 2016 nomination.
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