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article imageObama urges Putin to back down in Ukraine

By Eliana Robinson     Apr 3, 2014 in Politics
Global leaders are continuing to raise concerns about Russia's recent actions in Ukraine. As of now there are enough troops on the Ukrainian border to seize the country within twelve hours.
Tensions rise as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to assert his dominance over Eastern Europe. President Putin seems to be focused more on geopolitical domination rather than the consequences of not respecting the sovereignty of another nation. The United States has placed sanctions on top Russian officials. Unfortunately, the actions of Putin have affected diplomacy, international relations, and the global economy, as stocks have plummeted in recent days (CNN)
US President Obama has urged Russia to back down or face consequences such as sanctions or even military action (Bloomberg). Russia, as expected, is testing America's tolerance. President Putin gave the order to annex the Crimean Peninsula, disregarding the wishes of other nations- especially Ukraine. He claims that he is doing his duty, acting as America would, and standing up for the Crimean people when, in reality, he is carrying out his own wishes.
Kimberly Marten, a professor of political science at Barnard College, claims, "The leader of a state that wields a massive strategic nuclear arsenal, controls a significant portion of the world's petroleum and other raw materials, and holds a veto in the U.N. Security Council, has just revealed his willingness to use force on behalf of ethnic nationalism. This was the nightmare that Western policymakers hoped to avoid when the Soviet Union collapsed," (NPR). Russia's actions show that the country's leaders are nostalgic about the days of the Soviet Union. They yearn for power but they must respect the wishes of the global community.
This has become a widely discussed issue because, besides placing sanctions on top U.S. officials, Putin continues to show indifference to the actions of the United States. He has placed troops along the Ukrainian border which poses a major issue for the United States. "This is not another Cold War," Obama says. We are now faced with the reality of a full blown war with Russia.
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