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article imageNRA's top lawyer was allegedly convicted of gun crimes in 1964

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 29, 2014 in Politics
Fairfax - Bob Dowlut has been the general counsel for the NRA across several years. Now the man stands accused of hiding a past of violence. According to reports Dowlut murdered multiple people with a gun during his youth.
Mother Jones has the largest report on the incident. Writers with the Mother Jones site have taken a hard-line stance against all things related to the NRA. At the same time the site has convincing court documents related to the 1964 case.
Both the documents and report paint Dowlut as a violent criminal with a history of run-ins with the law. He reportedly carried a .45 caliber revolver known as the Webley Mk VI, a powerful gun at the time. According to Mother Jones investigators he murdered a shopkeeper in a botched pawnshop robbery. Shortly after Anna Marie Yocum was reportedly shot with the same gun after a dispute.
Police searched for Dowlut to find Marie's daughter whom he had dated. Authorities caught up with him shortly after and allegedly police mistreated and coaxed him into giving them the murder weapon. He had allegedly buried it in a grave which he dug up at the coaxing of investigators. With the evidence in hand he was allegedly prosecuted and put in jail for the two murders.
Due to improper prosecution of the case a judge threw out his conviction. With his case thrown out it was reportedly no longer on his legal record. He went on to acquire a law degree and move on to a successful practice which would later connect to the NRA. If this is the same Dowlut as in the documents then he stayed in the good graces of the law up until the present day.
If allegations prove true it is unlikely that he would face more charges since, by law, no one has to tell others of an expunged criminal record.
At the time of this writing the NRA officials have yet to make an official statement. Journalists all over the media are waiting for their response to this.
If these allegations prove true then it could be a serious blow for the NRA. Dowlut contributed significant amounts of writing and spearheaded legal defenses against gun control. Dowlut also contributed to their current campaign which promotes "good guys" with guns stopping violent criminal offenders.
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