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Missouri Governor doesn't want teachers packing heat

By Alex Allen     Jul 16, 2014 in Politics
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently vetoed legislation that would have allowed teachers and other school staff members to carry firearms on campus.
After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, 2012, people on all ends of the political spectrum have proposed various policy changes that they believe would help prevent future shooting-related tragedies at schools across the nation. One idea that the pro-gun crowd has proposed in many occasions is to allow teachers and other staff members at schools to be armed. If well-trained and responsible teachers were armed, they argue, they could potentially stop mass shooters.
There was recently a proposal to do just this in the state of Missouri. Senate Bill 656, proposed by a Republican controlled Missouri legislature, would have allowed teachers and administrators to volunteer for training that would allow them to be armed on school campuses.
According to the Missouri Senate's official website, Republican Senator Will Kraus released a statement about his disapproval of the governor's decision, saying that he is "once again disappointed in [his] decision to veto common-sense legislation." He went on to say that that bill would have protected the children of Missouri.
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