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article imageKey Obamacare element struck down by court

By Larry Clifton     Jul 22, 2014 in Politics
Washington - With Pres. Barack Obama providing exemptions to parts of Obamacare to just about any group he chooses while mandating Obamacare policies to others, Obamacare rules change almost daily.
Beyond what Republicans call illegal manipulations by the White House, courts of law are further diluting the massive taxpayer-subsidized healthcare entitlement program.
Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled that the Obamacare program’s cost-sharing subsidies can be used only through state-run health exchanges, not the federal exchanges.
The split three-judge decision (2-1) amounts to a major setback for the Obama administration and the healthcare entitlement program that bears its name. The administration is likely to appeal, adding to the uncertainty and instability of the already unpopular program. Obamacare was enacted in 2010 by a partisan Democrat Congress without a single Republican vote.
The court decision essentially provides that federal government subsidies cannot be used in the 34 states that have chosen not to create federally regulated health insurance marketplaces.
Dating back beyond its inception, Obamacare has been unpopular with the majority of Americans and remains so today. Some say the administration failed to include Republicans in the bill's creation, permanently branding it as partisan legislation. Others say it's problems go much deeper and that the Democrats who passed it never even read the thousands of pages in it.
With midterm elections looming, Obamacare has become a drag on Democrats hoping to maintain control of the Senate. In many cases, Senate hopefuls refuse to be seen at the same podium with Pres. Obama, even when he visits their home states.
Experts contend that without government subsidies to pay the costs of Obamacare in a majority of U.S. states, the program is unsustainable.
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