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article imageIraq to file complaint with UN over US airstrikes

By Ken Hanly     Mar 16, 2020 in Politics
After the US carried out a number of airstrikes in Iraq , Iraq's Foreign Ministry announced that they will submit a formal complaint to the UN Security Council accusing the US of aggression and violation of Iraq's sovereignty.
Earlier on Friday, the Iraqi military said that the air strikes had killed six people and were a violation of Iraqi sovereignty. The strikes may provide more energy to anti-government protests shown in the appended video.
The US narrative
The US blames
Iraqi Shii'ite militia for firing rockets at US bases. One attack killed a US soldier a contractor and a UK soldier. The US attacked at least five bases all in Iraq. The militia in the bases are all financed and approved by the Iraqi government and are in effect a part of the Iraqi security forces.
While the US may see its attacks as justified in self-defense, the Iraqi government warns that the US actions destabilize the situation. One would think that it would be obvious to the US that attacking the forces of a sovereign nation in which they have bases would be create even more anti-US feelings. Protests against the government will likely escalate again. The government faces a crisis after the interim Prime Minister resigned and then the PM designate also resigned since he could not gain the support of lawmakers and protesters. Earlier the Iraqi parliament passed a motion 170 to 0 that all foreign troops should be withdrawn from Iraq.
The US so far has refused to discuss withdrawing from Iraq although it has decided to close some smaller bases and consolidate its operations.
This is not the first Iraqi complaint to the UN. In January Iraq's Foreign Ministry submitted a similar complaint after the US assassinated key Iranian General Qassem Soleiman in a drone attack near Baghdad airport. The complaint argued the strike violated Iraqi sovereignty as it was done without Iraqi authorization or even notification.
Iraqi resolution will have no practical effect
The US has a veto in the UN Security Council. Any resolution critical of US actions will promptly be vetoed and have no practical effect. No resolution might be forthcoming as members would realize it would only be vetoed. Many members of the Council probably do not want to face disapproval of the US by supporting any critical resolution.
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