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article imageInternet has a field day over the ins and outs of the GOP logo

By Karen Graham     Jul 16, 2016 in Politics
The Internet is all a-twitter today over the debut of the Trump -Pence campaign's new fundraising logo. Most people, on first seeing the design, immediately saw it as filth, and something that small children shouldn't be allowed to view.
Now that speculation over Donald Trump's pick for a running mate is over with his choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the GOP team can move on to the nitty-gritty of the campaign, and that is fundraising.
The Republican National Committee is asking for campaign donations in an email that unveiled the first version of the Trump-Pence logo, and it's pretty obvious to many people that it wasn't designed by a graphic artist, says the Indy Star.
To most people, the logo is offensive, in a sort of "mind-in-the-gutter" kind of way. The red, white and blue logo shows a giant, phallic T penetrating a helpless P while some red stripes stand off to the side, powerless to interfere.
A number of websites have tried to interpret the message, but one website hit it on the head, saying “We can look forward to a veritable jackhammer of penetrating messaging from Trump, right through to the climax in November."
We are reminded that In Trump University Branding 101, the business guru advises that while “you do not need a graphic design house to develop your logo … you do need to be sure that your logo leads to the attributes you want associated with your brand.”
And apparently, in trying to make the point that Trump and Pence were cohesive in the message they wanted to project, someone decided to combine the "T" and "P" so as to let people know the two men were connected.
But according to the message being projected by the logo, the T is certainly on top, so to speak, and in a show of strength, is sending a penetrating message to everyone that says "screw you."
Journalist Mark Harris mused over Trump's confusion on seeing the logo for the first time.
Anthony De Rosa, a production manager for The Daily Show was concerned over children seeing the T and P, and what they appeared to be doing, so he gave the two letters a bit of privacy.
This guy was more to the point in his tweet.
But regardless of the social commentary being directed at the GOP logo, it is pretty obvious that Trump has chosen a weaker man than himself to be his running mate, simply to placate the masses, and if Trump does win the election, he will have just the right "partner" in this strange marriage.
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