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article imageHamas rocket draws blood; Israel goes after top Hamas leaders

By Larry Clifton     Jul 15, 2014 in Politics
Gaza - The day after Hamas rejected an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire and launched a volley of missiles at Israel killing a Rabbi, Israeli air strikes against Hamas strongholds in Gaza resumed with one noticeable difference.
Israel is now targeting top Hamas politicians and their homes in Gaza to shake up Hamas leadership and wreak havoc on its command structure.
The home of Hamas political leader Mahmoud Zahar was targeted during the early hours of Wednesday, local time, and destroyed. The political front man for Hamas was believed to be hiding out at the time his home was destroyed.
However, at least three Palestinians were killed in the Israeli air strikes. Hamas reportedly uses civilians, including women and children, as human shields in order to up the body count from Israeli strikes. Palestinian fighters and Hamas terrorists believe using human shields fosters bad Western press for Israel.
The week-old conflict has seen hundreds of rockets launched at Israel from Gaza and swift retaliations from Israeli military forces. However, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system and the inaccuracy of Hamas rockets has prevented Israel’s death toll from being much higher.
Nevertheless, by using human shields at strategic locations in Gaza, Hamas has garnered sympathy from many mainstream Western media outlets even as it rejected the ceasefire.
Hamas reportedly has fired 123 rockets into Israel after rejecting the ceasefire on Tuesday, leading Israelis to target top Hamas leaders.
With Hamas placing civilians at launch sites and strategic points in Gaza, the Palestinian (Hamas) death toll is much higher than that of Israel. Gaza “medical officials” claim 191 Palestinians, including at least 150 civilians, among them 31 children, have been killed. There has been no Western confirmation on Hamas reporting.
It is not clear how many of those civilians met their death as part of a Hamas human shield that protects rocket launchers and the homes of Hamas fighters.
Meanwhile, from Vienna, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech condemning Hamas for ignoring the Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire. "I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of Hamas in so brazenly firing rockets, in multiple numbers, in the face of a goodwill effort (to secure) a ceasefire."
Hamas fighters proved Kerry to be right about not being able to “condemn Hamas strong enough” by launching another volley of rockets at Israel.
On Tuesday, Eastern Standard Time, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper condemned Hamas for using civilians as human shields to protect Hamas leaders and launch sites.
The latest conflict ignited after the murder last month of three Jewish seminary students in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the revenge killing on July 2 of a Palestinian youth in Jerusalem.
Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel and the terrorist organization is the duly elected leader of Gaza, Palestine.
It was Hamas' armed wing, the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades, that rejected the ceasefire deal yesterday. Israel had agreed to it and held its fire for six hours as rockets rained in from Gaza killing the Israeli Rabbi.
Hamas leaders would not state why they rejected the ceasefire, only releasing a general statement saying it did not address key demands. The statement said its battle with Israel would "increase in ferocity and intensity."
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