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article imageHamas ends truce by firing more rockets into Israel

By Larry Clifton     Aug 8, 2014 in Politics
Gaza - Palestinian militants in Gaza rejected a cease-fire extension to the three-day lull in fighting brokered by Egypt. Militants opened fire at Israel with rockets on Friday and Israel has responded with airstrikes.
Hamas believes that it is benefiting by the large number of Palestinian deaths which are reported in the press each time Israel responds to a barrage of Hamas rockets.
Hamas, who co-govern Palestine with the PLO, uses the heavily populated Gaza Strip as an urban launch zone for hundreds of rockets fired at Israel each week, sometimes daily.
Tens of thousands of rockets launched from Gaza over the years prompted Israel to build the Iron Dome, an anti-missile system that knocks down many of the rockets fired from Palestine.
Despite a lack of any air defense systems, Palestinian militants backed by Hamas set up rocket launchers around hotels, hospitals and schools where children are vulnerable. Hamas fighters then hide in bunkers until after Israel’s retaliations. The result is devastating on many levels.
Two Israelis were injured by the latest rocket fire according to Israeli police. An Israeli retaliation airstrike reportedly killed a 10-year-old boy and wounded five children near a Gaza city mosque, another common Hamas launch site.
Hamas entered the latest cease-fire negotiations in a state of military defeat after a month of fighting that included about 5,000 airstrikes by Israel. For its part, Israel said they killed hundreds of Hamas fighters, destroyed two thirds of its rocket arsenal and plugged all of its military attack tunnels on the border with Israel.
Hamas demands that a border blockade be lifted before it will consider peace. Their demand is not likely to be accepted as Israel will not lift the blockade before Hamas has been disarmed.
The demilitarization of Gaza and Hamas is a key element of the Israeli cease-fire demands. For as long as Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israel, it is unlikely there will be any movement toward lifting the blockade.
On the other hand, Hamas is not about to lay down its weapons despite over 1,900 Palestinian deaths in heavily populated areas of Gaza surrounding their launch sites and ammunition dumps.
Emphasizing the futility of Hamas’ renewed rocket attacks, an Israeli spokesman says there will be no peace negotiations as long as there are incoming rockets from Gaza.
"When Hamas broke the cease-fire, when Hamas launched rockets and mortar shells at Israel, they broke the premise of the talks," said Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev, adding that "there will not be negotiations under fire."
Israel has seen 64 Israeli troops killed in action and three civilians. Most of Israel is within range of the Hamas rockets, however Hamas weaponry and training is inferior and their rockets land ad hoc, putting anyone risk at any time in Israel. The result is Israelis living in a state of fear as they move to and from bomb shelters.
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