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article imageEgypt's Sisi: I will defeat terrorists and bring security

By Paul Iddon     Jun 8, 2014 in Politics
Upon being sworn in as the new president of Egypt former army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi vowed that he would not reconcile with ones who have "committed violence" and that he would bring security back to a volatile Egypt.
BBC News tells us that Sisi has hailed his own spectacular electoral victory as "a historic moment."
CNN quoted him proclaiming that under his presidency Egypt "will witness a total rise on both international and external fronts, to compensate [for] what we have missed and correct the mistakes of the past."
BBC also reminds us he was the one who ousted the last Egyptian President-elect, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi, and was part of the crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood and its support network.
The Muslim Brotherhood is now banned in Egypt and has been declared a terrorist organization. Banned with it is the liberal 6 April movement which was one of the main groups that partook in the 2011 revolution that saw to the end of Hosni Mubarak's autocratic presidency.
Sisi said he would not reconcile with anyone who has "blood on their hands." This was a clear reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. The crackdown on that group following the events of last July left 1,400 people dead and saw to the detention of 16,000.
"Defeating terrorism and achieving security is the top priority in our coming phase. There will be no acquiescence or laxity shown to those who resorted to violence," he also declared.
He has also continuously pledged that he will see to the restoration of security in Egypt following months of attacks by Islamists who have killed many soldiers and members of the security forces.
His first term will last four years. He remarked that, "Throughout its extended history over thousands of years, our country has never witnessed a democratic peaceful handover of power."
Sisi still denies that the ousting of Morsi was a coup, he insists that it was the army intervening on behalf of the people.
Among the economic plans he plans to implement as president are the building of eight new airports, twenty-two industrial estates and approximately one million apartments.
Given the state of Egypt's economy in recent years the Gulf states are investing heavily in the Egyptian economy and pumping aid money into it to help it recuperate and be attractive for investors. They are also investing in Sisi. The man who ousted Morsi and banned the Brotherhood which they fear. They figure a strong Egypt, under Sisi, economically will better enable it to keep that organization down and prevent its resurgence for a long time to come.
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