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article imageEgypt's Sisi explains why he is not declaring his policies

By Paul Iddon     May 25, 2014 in Politics
The man expected to be Egypt's next president after the impending presidential election there has explained why he is withholding details about the policies he plans to implement as president.
As Daily News Egypt reported a few days ago Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said he was not revealing his platform and revealing what he plans to achieve or what policies he wishes to see implemented as president due to issues pertaining to "national security".
Again, as The Telegraph reports, he has deflected questions about what his presidency will be like and what he has planned for the future. He has refused to publish a full manifesto revealing his plans and goals.
He has snapped at interviewers who have broached this question. He said that people seeking substance in regard to what policies to expect from him shouldn't have called upon him to stand for election to begin with reflecting the image he has promulgated of himself as a man who, almost semi-reluctantly, ran for president as a result of the sheer popular public demand for him to do so.
He reiterated his mantra about "national security concerns" when he stated the following,
"Why didn't you ask me in the first place what my programme was?
But anyway, as I've said before, there are some things you can be public about and some things you can't – don't forget the question of Egypt's national security."
He has however made sweeping statements where he promised that his administration will see real changes being implemented that will help pull Egypt out of the economic and security crisis it presently finds itself in. He has said he will not wait around for a parliament to issue and discuss legislation he will need to have passed in order to see to his plans being realized.
Ahram Online tells us that he has gone on television urging Egyptians to vote for him. He hopes at least 40 million will make a turnout. He called on young people and women in particular to come and vote. He stated that, "The significance of the ballot box is that there is a consensus on a national level that reflects and the strength of the will to depart to the future."
Sisi is expected to win at least 80% – or even 90% – of the vote.
It should be clear by Wednesday who wins. The only contender Sisi has is a leftist named Hamdeen Sabbahy. However much of the support base he has is expected to, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, boycott the vote.
Sisi banned the Muslim Brotherhood organization after he led a coup against its elected president Mohammed Morsi last July when he was still in the military.
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