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article imageCould '3rd time be a charm' for Mitt Romney come 2016 Elections?

By Can Tran     Sep 3, 2014 in Politics
Even though former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) said that he has no interest in a 2016 US Presidential run, there's still the possibility.
This November, in the United States, we have the 2014 United States Congressional, Gubernatorial, and other elections going on. There are many races to watch; whatever happens will affect what happens in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Give or take, come mid-2015, you will see candidates throwing their lot in to seek the nominations from their respective parties. Due to the two-term limits for presidents, Democratic president Barack Obama cannot run again.
Depending on what end of the spectrum you stand on, you can be cheering that he won't be president anymore or be depressed that he won't be president anymore. Obama critics and supporters are going to be arguing and debating on that for years to come.
There is the question: Who will seek the nomination in 2016? On the Democrats side, there is the possibility that Hillary Clinton will be seeking her party's nomination. If you kept up-to-date with the media reports, the GOP is preparing for that possibility. Even if Clinton does run, she could be defeated by a newcomer.
For the GOP side, it is also pure speculation on who will grasp that party's nomination for the general election.
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, once again, is being speculated as that possibility. In the 2008 elections, Romney was one of the candidates trying to get the GOP nomination. He eventually ended his campaign and dropped out of the race. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) eventually got the nomination.
In 2012, Romney got the GOP nomination. One can watch the documentary film Mitt, which is on Netflix, that focuses on Romney and his family for both the 2008 and 2012 elections as Politico notes. After losing to Obama in 2012, there is the question: “What's next for Romney?” Politico explores that with its article called “Is Romney Really A Loser For Life?” The article starts off by using lines from Romney's documentary film. These lines, in the film, come from Romney who talks about how one “becomes a loser for life” if they lose as the nominee of their party.
But, that does not seem to be the case for Romney. If that was the case, in terms of politics, wouldn't people want to distance themselves from him? That is a rhetorical question. In the world of politics, if you still have plenty of use, you are not a loser and you are not a pariah. In this respect, Romney sold himself short by saying that if you lose you become a loser for life. Even though Romney lost the 2012 elections, he's not a loser.
With Obama's disapproval rating going up, CNN/ORC launched a poll in July with the topic of the 2012 elections being held again. Romney won the poll by 9 percent. Compared to the actual election, Romney lost by almost 4 percent.
Even though nothing is certain, there is still the possibility that Romney could try to run for the third time. The same Politico article points out possibilities on what could Romney to go for a “third try.”
With all the theorizing and speculating, Romney hasn't said anything about the possibility. Does he want to run for President a third time? A Washington Post article, by Chris Cillizza, talks about how sources close to Romney say that he won't be running for Presidential office again. At the same time, there will be plenty of people speculating on that possibility. The WP article points out that Romney doesn't wish to run again while saying that both privately and publicly.
Why speculate in the first place?
Speculating, as long as it's done right and if it keep up, could lead to something. Going back to the Politico article, it pointed out that Romney could possibly run if the field is weak enough that he could capitalize over primary opponents. This correlates with Cillizza's article on WP by pointing out that the candidates part of the “GOP establishment” are rather “weak.” It points out notable candidates and their problems such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with “Bridge-gate,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dealing with an intense battle to keep his post for another term, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul with his “divergent views,” former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's lack of an interest, and Texas Governor Rick Perry having his own legal battle.
With Romney “still being active” in politics by stumping for GOP candidates and incumbents, he has a pretty busy political schedule, since August, from now until Election Night which is November 4. A WP article by Robert Costa & Philip Rucker, from August 2, said that the GOP wants Romney at its corner while Democrats are keeping their distance from President Obama. That article reported that if Romney ended up giving it a third go, he'll be a stronger candidate than he was in the 2012 Elections. It also said that GOP nominees, endorsed by Romney, got a boost that was needed to defeat Tea Party-backed candidates in brutal primaries.
The same article pointed out the same CNN/ORC poll.
However, Democrats are ready to use that against the Republicans. One such target is Bruce Rauner, the GOP nominee running for Illinois Governor. Democrats are on the attack to call Rauner the “Mitt Romney of 2014.” A WP blog post by Sean Sullivan reports that Rauner's statements about wealth have provided Democrats with much ammunition such as his line “Oh, I'm probably .01 percent” in his March interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.
That's an example of how Romney could be a proverbial “double-edged sword” for the GOP for this year's elections. The blog post also points out notable GOP figures such as David Purdue.
Who knows if Mitt will or will not again in 2016. Opinion pieces opposing the idea of a third run have popped up all over the news. Jeff Crouere, host of the Louisiana-based show called “Ringside Politics,” in a Chicago Tribune op-ed piece, said Romney lacks what it takes to unite the GOP; also, the piece said Romney does not have the effectiveness to reach out to the independents. But, the piece says that Romney can continue on being a fund raiser. Even if Romney did run for a third time, there's still plenty to attack him on.
Crouere's op-ed piece points out the Affordable Health Care Act, known as “Obamacare,” being one of them. That was originally based on Romney's plan; for that reason, it also got the nickname of “Obamney Care.”
Marc A. Thiessen, in a WP op-ed post, said that Romney wouldn't be a a strong candidate for 2016. Thiessen points out that in 2012, Romney got nominated out of a field of weak candidates. He got chosen for being the “least worst.” The piece says that the GOP will have stronger candidates for the 2016 Presidential race.
However, some of the names listed by Thiessen conflict with Cilliza's WP article. According to Thiessen, strong candidates include Chris Christie, Scott Walker, and Jeb Bush. Other potential candidates include Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Back to Romney, Thiessen's op-ed said that he “lacked vision.”
There is the implication that if Clinton, Hillary not Bill, does run for office in 2016 and gets the Democratic nomination, it would be dangerous for the GOP to think Romney would have a chance of defeating her.
An article by Eddie Scarry, on Mediaite, says that anything “can change.” Even if Romney said that he's not interested in a third run, the “circumstances can change.” Election Night 2016 is a long time away; from now until the GOP primaries, anything can happen.
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