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CEO stalked, threatened by avid gun supporters for 'smart gun'

By Syra Sharif     Apr 30, 2014 in Politics
There are likely few people that are unaware that the U.S. has a gun problem, though finding a solution that all will agree with proves to be more difficult.
German firearm manufacturer Armatix developed a “smart gun” called the iP1 pistol which ties the weapon to the owner through a watch, reports Raw Story. Belinda Padilla is the President and CEO of the U.S. division of Armatix who says she was stalked and threatened by gun enthusiasts for announcing that she plans to bring a safer gun to the market.
The idea of the "smart gun" is that it can only be fired by the owner, the gun will not fire when it is in the hand of someone else. As Padilla tells PBS Newshour, when the gun is given to a person who is not authorized to shoot it the light changes from green to red meaning that person is unauthorized to shoot it. “Smart guns” have been seen in movies like James Bond, but so far such technology has not been made available to the public though that may change soon, Newshour reports. The gun is seen as a landmark for gun control advocates who see it as decreasing gun violence and accidental shootings.
Padilla said that people even found an address she holds for a P.O. box, took pictures and put it online. She has gotten some outraged comments, from passionate gun owners and pro-gun supporters alike. The owner of the Oak Tree Gun Club, north of Los Angeles, has recently distanced himself from Armatix after announcing support for it. Upon going to the gun club, Padilla noticed that any mention of Armatix was gone and in a matter of days any merchandise related to the company was no longer sold at the club. Padilla says, "Honestly, I was in disbelief.. It's like I never existed."
Padilla hasn't given up, though and said that if people understood the technology they would be less afraid. Padilla and Armatix continue to look for stores which will sell their guns and companies that will support them.
Currently, the guns are available in Europe. The guns have support from the Obama Administration as well as possible investment from Silicon Valley. Padilla expressed how she felt regarding the threats and the gun lobbyists telling The New York Times that: “...These organizations that are scaring everybody have the power.” She added that that if people don’t like the gun, they don’t have to buy it.
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