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article imageCalls for President Trump's impeachment growing more vocal

By Karen Graham     Apr 4, 2017 in Politics
Washington - It's official: Cambridge, Mass. City Council voted last night to call on the House of Representatives to investigate whether Trump should be impeached. As Trump's popularity continues to drop, calls for his impeachment are rising.
Gallup poll ratings usually show a president enjoying a good "honeymoon" period during his first 100 days in office However, President Trump appears to be the most disliked Commander-in-Chief this nation has ever elected, with a disapproval rating of 54 percent after over two months in office.
And it's probably just as well that Trump turned down an invitation to throw out the first ball on opening night when the Washington Nationals played the Marlins, a break with a tradition that started with former President William H. Taft.
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President Trump missed seeing the huge banner that was unfurled at the start of the game that read in big letters, "IMPEACH TRUMP #RESIST." The banner was unfurled by members of the Americans Take Action group.
Jason Charter
Jason Charter and other members of the activist group didn't stay around to see the reaction to their 27 x 21-foot banner for fear of being arrested. Charter was quoted by Buzzfeed as saying, "There needs to be an independent investigation into his ties to Russia, and when there is — maybe Mike Flynn's testimony will be the nail in the coffin — we think he'll be impeached. It'll probably happen in the next six months."
More talk of Impeachment
The "I" word is being bandied about more frequently lately and it is being fueled by the Congressional investigation into whether he or his associates may have colluded with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election, reports the U.K.'s Independent, referencing Fox News.
And interestingly, Fox News, the only news channel the president mentions anymore, is the station responsible for bringing to light an opinion piece written for The Hill by Juan Williams. He believes the case for Trump's impeachment is growing due to the failure of Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare.
“It is no liberal fantasy to say the odds of a Trump resignation or impeachment before 2020 are looking better by the day," Juan Williams told Tucker Carlson during an interview on Fox Monday night. Williams points out that the Public Policy Polling (PPP), a self-described Democratic polling firm, found 53 percent of Americans feel that Trump should resign if there is sufficient evidence that his administration colluded with Russia.
Alleged violations of the Constitution
What are the chances of the president being impeached? The odds are improving, actually. And as California Congresswoman Maxine Waters says, “I know that if we can prove collusion, then he is impeachable." There is an active organization that began as a grassroots effort, called Impeach Trump Now. There are already close to one million members working to spread the word on the alleged reasons the president should be impeached.
From collusion with a foreign power to numerous conflicts of interest issues, there are enough questions surrounding Trump's ethical use of his position and office to warrant an investigation. And most critics point to his continued holding on to the reins of his business empire as one very good reason for conflict of interest charges.
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