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Armagayddon - Irish PSA vid for marriage equality goes viral

By Kathleen Creighton     Aug 25, 2014 in Politics
With the referendum on a constitutional amendment for marriage equality coming in 2015, Ireland LGBTs are raising awareness on all fronts. Last week LGBT Noise released their PSA video, "ARMAGAYDDON" as part of that effort.
Although Ireland passed legislation in 2011 that accommodates civil unions, the fight continues for full marriage equality. Due to the rules of the country's governance, this will require passing an amendment to its constitution. That referendum is scheduled to come before the people early in 2015.
Despite polls stating an 86 percent approval rating based on 954 people polled, in an article from Pink News quoting the Sunday Times poll, the LGBT community continues to work to ensure that same-sex couples' rights are protected. One of their most recent efforts was a video created by LIKE:MINDED Productions for LGBT Noise. Since being posted on August, 20, on LIKE:MINDED's channel it has been viewed over 166,000 times. It has been linked to and embedded by many news outlets both mainstream and queer-specific. But why is "ARMGAYDDON" so popular and will it affect opinions?
"ARMGAYDDON" opens with "John" and "Mary" boarded into their home, cowering on the floor. They flashback to what led them to their current state. For the most part the whole thing is very tongue in cheek and gives yet another spin on the ridiculous argument that marriage equality will somehow negatively effect heterosexual marriage. The point is well made and uses humor well to get people thinking more intelligently about the issue.
The marriage equality battle is a difficult one mainly due to the mainstream media playing into religious spins on their reporting. "ARMAGAYDDON" misses the mark a bit on this too when it comes to the fact that any legislation in any country, state, municipality regarding "marriage" equality is a legal issue not a religious one. This video even shoots itself in the foot a little with the mention of gay weddings. At the end of the day, couples can have a religious ceremony/wedding with a clergy person presiding but without the legal document, signed, witnessed and held in a government archive...there are no protections for that couple, their property, their healthcare, their children or their estate upon their passing. There needs to be more of that information out there to educate voters and politicians when it comes to marriage equality.
View "ARMAGAYDDON" here and then weigh in with your thoughts. In the end it is a fun little PSA with a great message and hopefully, it will be a stepping stone towards progress.
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