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article imageArizona same-sex marriage legal, couples can marry immediately

By James Green     Oct 17, 2014 in Politics
Phoenix - The Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled the law that prohibits same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. Same-sex couples in Arizona can legally marry effective immediately.
Arizona State Attorney General Tome Horne stated in his press conference, “I’m issuing a letter today to the 15 County Clerk of Court with the directive that base on today’s decision by the Federal District Court they can issue licenses for same sex marriages immediately.”
The ruling strikes down Section 30 of the Arizona constitution which previously defined marriage as, "a union of one man and one woman."
Tome Horne
Horne indicates that there will not be an appeal of the ruling as several other states including Nevada and Idaho have had nearly identical laws ruled unconstitutional by the District Court. Regarding an appeal Horne stated, "The probability of the Ninth Circuit reversing today’s court decision is zero. The probability of the United States Supreme Court accepting review of the Ninth Circuit decision is also zero. Therefore the only purpose that would be served by filing another appeal would be to waste the tax payer’s money."
Arizona has become the 30th state in the U.S. to legally allow the marriage of same-sex couples.
There has been slight delays in the issuing of marriage licences to same-sex couples as wording needed to be changed in the application which required the Country Clerk's Office to restart their computer system.
Nelda Majors told ABC15 Arizona, "We've waited 57 years, we can wait a bit more."
But not everyone is celebrating the court's decision. Cathi Herrod, the President of Center for Arizona Policy and supporter of the ban on gay marriage told, "I am heartbroken for a country and a state that has had the redefinition of marriage forced upon them by an out-of-control federal judiciary," Herrod said in a statement. "Today, we grieve. We grieve for the children who now have no chance of growing up with a mom and a dad. We mourn the loss of a culture and its ethical foundation. We mourn a culture that continues to turn its back on timeless principles."
What do you think about the legalization of same-sex marriage in Arizona? Do you have a message for either Nelda Majors, or Cathi Herrod? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.
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