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article imageAI knew early on it was Brexit that did it in the UK election

By Tim Sandle     Dec 22, 2019 in Politics
There was one Twitter feed that was correct in terms of predicting the U.K. election results. This drawn from a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, which analyzed social media posts, in a different way.
Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), who are an artificial intelligence-driven market research company, have an AI tool called “Polly”. This AI program was shown to be more accurate than many polling companies, such as YouGov, when it came to predicting the U.K. General Election result and the large majority of the Conservative and Unionist Party.
According to commentary from ASI’s head Erin Kelly, the company and its artificial intelligence technology have a strong record of predicting elections and referenda. The success rate embraces the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, the referendum leading to the U.K.'s exit from the European Union in 2016 ('Brexit'), the U.S. 2016 election heartrending in Donald trump, plus the 2019 Canadian Federal Election. the outcome of the U.K. poll adds to this success tally.
The 2019 UK election surprised many political observers by delivering the Conservative and Unionist Party, led by right-winger Boris Johnson, an 80-set majority over the combined opposition parties. The Conservative tactic of using the Brexit vote was considered to be the main factor for their surprising victory against a broad policy array from the lead opposition, the Labour Party.
According to Kelly, in commentary provided to Digital Journal: “At the start of the campaign, Brexit was clearly the biggest issue, which is an issue that favors the Conservatives, who have a clear message on getting Brexit finally done. Labour's job during the election was to switch the major issue towards the National Health Service.” The Labour strategy was that the general public are invariably very protective towards the socialized healthcare system, which has been opened up by the Conservative party to some services being provided by the private sector.
She adds that: “We can see that over the course of the campaign, Labour had some success (we see the biggest boost on Nov 27 when Jeremy Corbyn reveals dossier proving the National Health Service (NHS) up for sale. We see the NHS issue also manage to come up again on Dec 8-9. Polly’s last seat projection was around this time, showing still a clear majority for Boris, but not quite as high as the final result.”
Kelly then explains that closer top polling day, Brexit overtook the NHS as the major issue. This was something predicted by ASI's analytical tools.
ASI uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict human behavior for use in market and behavioral research. ASI's patented artificial intelligence tool - "Polly" - utilizes large quantities of publicly available online data to create samples of any population or target audience. which are then subject to big data analysis.
Polly can track and interpret how people in a given population are leaning towards a topic. The AI platform is tasked with scenario testing, message testing, topic discovery, ad tracking, sales forecasting, and assessing brand health.
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