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article imageAdam Kokesh officially out of prison

By Alex Allen     Jan 17, 2014 in Politics
Adam Kokesh, the activist who had the potential to face up to seven years in prison for gun and drug related charges, is officially done with his prison sentence as of today.
An official sentencing was set for Adam Kokesh today and it looks as though the controversial Libertarian activist might be able to return to his podcast and activism after all. Earlier today, Adam Kokesh, who became widely known for loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on July 4th, was sentenced to time served plus two years probation.
Life won't be exactly the same for Kokesh following this sentencing, however. If he doesn't want to wind up back in prison, Kokesh will have to tone down his controversial style of activism for the next two years while he is on probation. Also, as Derrick Broze pointed out in his article on Activist Post, Kokesh will not be legally able to possess firearms any longer now that he has been convicted of a felony.
Likely one of the first questions that comes to the minds of many supporters is whether or not Kokesh will now follow through with his plans for an armed march on Washington D.C. this Independent Day. Kokesh planned a similar march last Independence Day but wound up postponing the event for another year and standing solo in Freedom Plaza for the political statement that has given him so much trouble over the last several months.
Another question to be asked is whether or not Kokesh will live up to his word and run for president in 2020. While still in prison, Kokesh did an interview with a local FOX News affiliate and told the interviewer that he planned to run in 2020 on the platform of abolishing the federal government. When asked why he thought getting rid of the federal government would be a good idea he responded by asking why having a federal government was a good idea at this point.
Adam Kokesh made headlines several times in 2013. He was arrested then later released from prison in Philadelphia in May, 2013 for his activism at a "smoke down prohibition" event. He was then arrested at another marijuana prohibition protest in June, this time in Washington, D.C. Of course the event that got him the most attention was his act of civil disobedience involving the shotgun in Freedom Plaza following his call for a "Second American Revolution."
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